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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TheRobotChicken, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone
    im just posting this as pretty much a goodbye thread, I have had a lot of fun here, and who knows ill probably return, in a day, a month, maybe never, but all i know is i love EMC and i have just lost my respect on here, life's getting hard and i have to start facing it, theres no place for me to be here hoping that i can fit into my old spot, where i was great friends with Faithcaster and had the respect of the community, ill be on form time to time, saying hello, watching EMC proceed to its best and brightest days, i hope that you all have fun in this dragon egg update and help to make EMC the best minecraft server

    Why am i leaving?
    i have lost my respect in EMC, but other than that i have just got bored of Minecraft, seeing my est friends disappear right before my eyes, i just never thought this day would come when im writing htis up and wishing that i would magically have that love for EMC again

    My Goals on EMC:
    become Mod = failed
    be respected by other players = failed
    be popular = failed
    have a friendship that will never break no matter what = recently failed
    own a dragon egg = pointless now :/
    to stay on EMC for more then 300 days = failed

    what i needed was that boost, where there would be something new on emc, something to bring that addictivenesss back, and right now that only thing i see people addicted to is the stupid rupees

    My story.
    i had just bought minecraft back in 1.0.0 and was looking for a server after getting bored of single player, i scrolled around Planet Minecraft for some good friendly servers with no pvp or griefing, a lace where i could great things i couldnt dream of: friendships, massive projects and shops, all of which never worked out in my EMC life to this day, anyway, i saw a nice looking server called legendary craft, it had a little sid note on the PvP but i didnt really mind as it was only a pvp zone, i get on to find the server pack with swearing people and spamming, i dont like it, then i go to the wild, where the PvP zone entrance is guarded y some retards with diamond armor, everyone was trying to make a run for it but no one made it, except for me and another player, me and this player became good friends on this server, i didnt like the server but i liked the bond that we had, eventually i came 0n one day to see she had left the server, the server later got hacked and was shut down, so the search was on again, i saw a nice looking server that may of you would not know, its name is "Empire Minecraft" ;) i came on and went straight to the wild whre i met an also recently new member called themarmite, we made a house and did everything together, mined, fought, built and explored, then he introduced me to town, the place where i claimd a res, made a little small shop and a house, then it turned bigger and better, gaining more friends i started getting addicted, i stayed up until 4am on school days, to play with my friends with different time zones, but most of my friends eventually left or got, i continued to strive on EMC until this day, where everything fell apart

    all i have to say now is a final goodbye

    thank you to all the players that helped me
    RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 Out.
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  2. Bye.
    You will come back.
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  3. Sadness just hitted my face.... :(

    I have failed you, i'm so sorry for that angry conversation we had on utopia.
    You'll be back one day, and when that day comes i will make sure you reach as many as possible of your EMC goals :cool:

    May the force be with you Michael!

    Good Luck From Faithcaster
  4. I assure you that having a Dragon Egg is going to be FAR beyond useless in the near future. You're going to be even more respected and sought out if you trade your 1 in for the 20.

    As for the rupee thing, stick around. We agree with you on this and are taking a lot of measures to spice things up. As soon as we have residence up and running smoothly (and updated with more flags/features) we will be launching a few more ideas aside from the Dragon Egg things that will make boredom obsolete in MC. :)
  5. Hopefully you will come back to participate in events that Aikar is working on like the Dragon for being respected by other players, you have never lost my respect. You were willing to do a lot of work for little payout in order to keep your shop stocked when it was on smp2. At least, from a personal stance, you never upset me...though I cannot speak for other players. Come back one day and finish that goal list =P
  6. Well, you're respected by me, at least. And you're quite popular too. Having a friendship that "will never break no matter what" it's impossible; owning a dragon egg (As ICC said) it's so far beyond useless in the near future; and to stay in EMC for more than 300 days, you just have to be patient.
    I think rupees were supposed to be rare, but now everyone has more than 10k.
  7. Hmm, I think I respected you, and I hope we will be able to play some Portal when we both have time...
  8. wanna play now? :)
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  9. Sad to see so many players leaving :(
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  10. It's been a bumpy past few months we all know... But we are sooo close on the verge to returning to normal, don't bail out now :) Things are only getting better from here!
  11. RoBot. Dude, I never really knew you, butI knew you were a great guy. As you said, all the good friends are leaving, we don't want another one to leave. Faith said he was sorry, and everyone will be hoping to see you around soon :)
  12. Wow. Your leaving...So many great players have left EMC, who's next? I wish you the best of luck, anyways.
  13. I'm sure you guys will be here WHEN I return
    I can't just leave EMC FOREVER just for like a break to pick up on some stuff
    All I have to say in an arnold swartznegar voice is "I'll be back"
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  14. Ill always be yo friend :D
  15. Lol i just whispered "I'll be back" in arnold's voice
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  16. out of topic but what are u guys gonna do about the wither boss
  17. mini moose?
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  18. Guess what:
    Am I a mod: Nope
    Popular: Nope
    Own a Dragon Egg: Nope
    Stayed for 300 Days: Nope, not even 200 yet.

    As for being respected and the friendship thing, you're respected by others. I don't know of anyone who disrespected you or said anything negative about you. As far as friendship, that's like real life, they come and go, you'll find more friends.
  19. Exactly my point
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