It's a Creeper!!

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  1. I had a pick axe, I loved this pick axe, I named my pick axe Back-Hoe.

    It was a nice pick Axe, it had all the best enchants. It lasted a long time, it was fast and gave me lots of resources.

    I had to unload my backpack of the tons upon tons of stone and ore.
    As i turned a corner to head up some stairs to the surface a Creeper ( I named him bob), well Bob was just standing around. I freaked as i all ways do (can you blame me, the buggers are scary)
    I tried to strafe left, tripped (pressed wrong button) threw my pick axe, my lovely pick axe at bob, Bob got excited at the gift he thought he got and exploded.

    R.I.P Back-Hoe

    Lesson: move throw button away from direction buttons.
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  2. *tears stream down my face*:( The real moral is kill Bob before he kills your pick.
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  3. RIP in peace, you did your job well.
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  4. The Sun Also Rises
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  5. Lets see if this thread will be a hit. Any one have a creeper story to share? It's Halloween soon and creepers are...
    well they're creepy.
  6. I once had a creeper.
    I shoved him off a cliff before he could kill my horse.
    My creeper died.
    So did the horse.
    He loved the creeper, and followed it off of the cliff.

    That is my story.
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  7. I call creeper harassment, throwing pickaxes at him... Aren't creepers an endangered species by now? ;)
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  8. Major evolution flaw, "You know what we need to do in order to have our species live longer? BLOW UP WHENEVER WE FEEL TREATENED"

    "That's brilliant, Jim!"
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  9. Once upon a time there was a creeper....
    It exploded
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  10. Omg im dying if you need another one i jave them for sale at 1547
  11. Oh, Q... >.< Throwing things away when you want to run, it happens...
    tough luck, but thanks for sharing!
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  12. I have a tendency to hit the "Q" quite often instead of the "W".
  13. Everyone: Poor Back-Hoe
    Me: Poor Bob *cries* :confused: