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  1. Tell me if this is supposed to happen. So I know there is an item despawning timer but if I'm AFK out in the wild and I die but I don't reset my game in a timely manner I'm finding that me sitting there dead is causing items to despawn.

    Is this supposed to happen?
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  2. Yes this is normal. Since you have not hit respawn, the chunks where you died are still loaded, thus the timer ticks down. That is why you can see mobs move and other things happen while in the death screen.
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  3. that kind of sucks :(
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  4. It does. I haven't tried this before, but theoretically one should be able to put hoppers under where they stand so that if they die while AFK, the items get put into a chest.
  5. omg that's a great idea, I'll do that

    testing this out, I'll let you know how it works out
  6. I'm curious to know what you discover. My guess was that hoppers and such would not tick if you're dead. (Just a guess.)
  7. They should work normally. As long as the chunks are loaded, then everything will work fine.
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  8. Just tested. It kind of looks like my guess was right. When I'm dead any items on top of hoppers continue to bounce around instead of being sucked in. Maybe it's a bug though?
  9. After further testing I believe this is just client/server display behavior. I made a long hopper chain where I would die at one end and respawn at the other.

    Other the client shows the items bouncing and lying on the ground, when I respawn the items are indeed in the destination hopper. So I believe they were transported during the time I was dead even though my client is simulating them in their last position.
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  10. I learned this the hard way after I first started playing here. I died while mining and left myself there while I looked at Live Map to try and figure out how to get back to my Inventory, allowing them to despawn before I tabbed back to the game.

    Something I have wondered about is whether the timer resets each time the chunk unloads. It seems like it would, but sometimes things disappear when I do not expect them to. Do any of you know for sure how this works?
  11. I am around 73.79% sure that the timer doesn't reset -- it only continues.
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  12. Just wanted to confirm that putting down hoppers there has fixed the problem and saved the items. Woot woot!!!

    great suggestion
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