It has been four years...

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  1. It's been four years since I last played Minecraft and since I last played on this server. I suddenly got a nostalgic feeling and decided to reinstall Minecraft to check out what has happened the past four years. I stumble upon this server. I remember I put so much effort into this server and went up from the donation ranks. I just remember being a kid. If anybody remembers me or knows who I am comment below and I will be delighted to have some nostalgic conversations. The reason I stopped playing was because of the 1.8 update. My computer was really bad at the time and it couldn't run it. Sadly, I decided to quit Minecraft. I just want to thank this server for one of the best years of my early life.
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  2. Welcome Back! If you have any questions just ask :p
  3. I guess this may come as a shock to you then; a lot of things have changed. Not just within Minecraft but also on EMC.

    Best you can do, once you landed on a server, is use /v open, followed with /claim; this gets you your own fully protected residence where you can build and do stuff withing any risk of people touching your stuff. Even your animals are fully safe.

    After that... Well, the new player guide is a good source of info, as is the rest of the wiki ;) And you might also like this overview of guides which I shared over time.

    SO yah, welcome back. Hope you're going to have fun here.
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