It happens every year...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by mba2012, Apr 1, 2013.

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  2. Youtube should pull the site down for a few hours to mess with people.
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  3. lol that would be amazing. People couldn't make videos complaining about it :p
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  5. Just found a Google Nose video. This year is the best since 2002 if anyone knows what happened then :p
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  7. I also just discovered gmail is now in blue. I hope it stays that way, especially if it took them 6 years to do ;)
  8. I have seen true beauty.
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  9. I'm thinking omg YouTube will close for 10 years =o then I show this to my dad and he says

    This is bs it's just an April first joke

    Now I don't know if its a joke or if its realy

    If it closes my face will be like =O

    If its I joke my face will be like :p
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  10. Well then your face if going to be like =O :p
  11. Not the =O

    I will do the puppy face but not the "o" face
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  12. Guys there is no way Google will ever close down for that long of time. Do any of you know how many people make a living making videos for Youtube? It would make the economy go wayyyyy down.
  13. I agree but they will pick a winner and it will take at least 1 week unless they have 8,999,999,999,999 workers witch the plant don't even have people(with baby's in that)
  14. I'm not doubting that youtube will come down to pick a winner but there is no way that it will go down for 2 years.
  15. The thing said not 2 years but 10 =O
  16. Yeah i know i must have heard the number 2 somewhere.
  17. Hay I'm on YouTube it's all up :p that's my face
  18. It was a troll the whole time you know... :p