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  1. The new tutorial is great IMO, it shows you things the old one didn't and shows you optional info. However, I've seen a significant increase in players who log out while going through the tutorial. after doing it myself multiple times, I've found the tutorial hard to navigate through and a bit unclear. For example in the first room, I had no idea at all where I was until I ran around enough to find the actual teleport and button. It's very hard to navigate and even harder if you haven't been on EMC ever before. I suggest making the tutorial a bit simpler and more straightforward instead of having all the distractions and things that take away your attention from the tutorial itself.
  2. This is extremely true. If I were new in the empire and went through the tutorials, I would get confused and litaly learn nothing. There are so many blanks. We need to fix a lot of it. IMO
  3. So maybe a few directional signs?

    This way newcomer!

    trying placing your own lock sign here
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  4. Not really that looks unprofessional, I just think it should be more to-the-point. Right now it's kind of a scavenger hunt.
  5. I agree with the first room, however all the "distractions" are a way to show that EMC is fun and cool. A message or a sign that tells you what to do would help make things more clearer, however they did a good job of making the new tutorial fun and interactive. A few Easter eggs is expected in almost every game.
  6. I agree, once I found my way through the first time though, I can do the whole tutorial in under a minute now, but for newcomers it does seem very hard ~FD
  7. My only problem with the tutorial is cobwebs....
  8. Well yeah, but I just don't think they should have that many. Elaborate rooms and maybe a game along the way would be better but I think having all the buttons and mob rooms and other things makes completing it a scavenger hunt. I had much difficulty doing this my first time, and I've done the old tutorial at least 10 times no problem.

    I think staff did a very excellent job designing the tutorial but the general organization could have been better. As seen by the loss of players in the tutorial it's unclear and confusing on what to do next.
  9. There has not been enough time to consider anything statistical yet... We will be working on improving things.

    The general idea of this new tutorial was to make it changeable, as the old one wasn't. Now max and the other staff can iterate and improve it as much as we want.

    She has a pink heart sticky note on her monitor atm to do some changes :p
  10. lol at the sticky note

    Also, I think you really need to wait a significant amount of time to know that something is wrong. Just in yesterday I noticed there was a massive drop in players completing the tutorial.
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  11. i have a green heart sticky note on my computer telling me to brush my teeth :)
  12. Do we need to have a tutorial doing championship now? :p
  13. To the battlefields! ~FD
  14. use command blocks that tell them whether or not they did it right instead of long hallways because I myself have helped around 5 -10 people in the tutorial and still get answers wrong
  15. I actually almost didn't play on this wonderful server network because of the tutorial. Good thing I didn't give up or I wouldn't have had as much fun on minecraft
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  16. We have resolved many issues based on feedback tonight :) Check out the tutorial again.

    Changes: intro room should be much more to the point in telling the user what to do, and the tutorial start should be eye catching.
    Lapis Blocks outlines where to go for most of the tutorial, and signifies where you should interact at.
    Better messaging about how to complete the interactive sections, and signs in the Residence section incase someone still tries to walk through the glass.
    Signs with text of "Admin = Purple" etc with a hint sign detailing staff colors added to assist colorblind players.
    Final room signs lowered and made bold black for texture pack compatibility, and lit up more under the island.
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  17. There is a momentus problem... He got out of his play box -_-

    Aikar get the devil back in hell...
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  18. I saw the new changes but when you tp it sends you in the wrong direction. Can you fix that?
  19. Literally the only problem with the tutorial

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  20. Well considering that room is locking people in, is prison bars really a problem? :p