[Issue] Full server!

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  1. I just realized this issue when I tried to get on EMC. I click to join and I cannot because the server is full and it prevents me from getting on the Empire entirely. I suggest that there is a system that brings the player to another random server if the server they want to join is full.
  2. lol well if you become supporter you won't have that problem ;)
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  3. Well some people do not have the money ;)
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  4. That would be a bit of a problem for a new player, wouldn't it?
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  5. maybe a redirection server would be good but allowing more people per server should be an option we the new member pouring in every minute
  6. Just join with this IP: smp1.empireminecraft.com
  7. I don't think that will be necessary until we get all servers (excluding utopia) at least half full. :)
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  8. But full servers are great...
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  9. It is suppose to redirect you after 3-4 tries
  10. ^This
    It's a sign that EMC is on the up again, a full server with barely an admin or special event in sight :D
    Plus, the reserved slot on supporters is now coming back, can't remember the last time I used that
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  11. I am just saying that we should have a system that redirects us to an empty server so we don't have to be empireless
  12. How about: play.skydragonv8.com That's probably empty.

    I kid. I kid.
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  13. I remember when it was barely possible to get on EMC w/o supportership lol.
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  14. Everything is made of slabs...
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