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  1. Station Address:


    So, out of sadness of bunkerllama's radio station. I have decided to start my own with a royalty fee program. Only problem is I can only have a max of 10 live listeners at the moment, so first come first serve I guess.

    In 10 minutes I will playing request :D, so put your requests here for iSmooch's request hour. Anything you want.. I will try and find it somehow.

    Thanks to mr. Icecreamcow for that super pro looking station picture.

    I will try and talk, but for any of those that have heard me in Teamspeak/mumble, you know I have a daughter who does not respect the rule of the closed bedroom door >.>
  2. Everything ever made by Eminem.
    Specifically...god it's so hard to name any one song.
    I know. No Love. I like No Love. Best verse ever.
  3. Out of Eminem songs, I am a fan of the No Love-ness as well.
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  4. Yes just yes!
  5. i need more than 1 song request.. to start the request hour >.>
  6. You should play World on Fire by Les Friction... Js
  7. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
  8. ha
  9. Has anyone made any songs about melons?
  10. all right should be starting in just a moment. had to find world on fire for some people >.>
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  11. Power Rangers Theme Song
  12. Friday - Rebecca Black


    Saturday - Rebecca Black


    Sunday - You sing it as you make it up.
  13. Good music smooch!
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  14. All these joke requests are funny.
    I'll make a funny too.
    The Living Tombstone's Remix of Bats from MLP.
  15. I will shoot you ...
  16. I don't see any joke requests.
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  17. Is the station down for anyone else?
    EDIT: Nevermind
  18. No like, they make funnies. :3
    Anyways >_>
    Justin Bieber's Baby :p
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