Is this illegal?

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  1. I have been thinking about getting a minimap for minecraft, but I am not sure if it is illegal or not on Empire Minecraft. Please respond. Also, how do I set a specific teleport location inside of my own res?
  2. It is allowed you can check Here

    And to set the res spawn is: /res tpset
  3. I dont think i even have modloader and rei's works for me?
  4. Thats what Twich1 said, I dont think I have it either...
  5. I have Rei's minimap works fine
  6. Reis works with ModLoader or Forge, but one or the other is in fact required for it to work. There are some people that 'Reis Minimap Installers' that installs either ModLoader or Forge and puts in Reis Minimap as well. So you may have one or the other and not really know.
  7. Why can it work without mod loader or forge if they're required?
  8. I have never had it work without one or the other
  9. It does work without now it changed about 1 month ago
  10. Wy do mods need other mods? xD
  11. Coz the makers get lazy :p
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  12. Why does Minecraft need a Java VM? :p
  13. Because Minecraft would be massive and bulky. Also Java reads the code input from the Minecraft to show the game. Oh that kinda answers it, but other mods dont need it.
  14. Actually, I was trying to (poorly) draw a parallel between minecraft and mods...

    Minecraft needs a Java VM because Minecraft "compiled" code (Java people call it bytecode) isn't directly runnable on processors, but has to be translated, in realtime, to instructions a given processor and operating system can handle.

    Mods use other mods because it prevents duplication of code. If one mod (ModLoader or Forge) does 90% of the work of hundreds of other mods, not only does it save memory because the same code is accessed by potentially more than one simultaneously-installed mod, but the time of mod developers. Also, laziness is a popular reason too as Creeper mentioned.
    The main problem with mods, really, is that Minecraft's API isn't stable. This makes rewriting mods to handle a new version of minecraft a nightmare. If only ModLoader and Forge have to be heavily modified every minecraft version, then other mods that use ModLoader/Forge made for one version of Minecraft only need slight or no modification to run on another version. The makes releases of mods for new Minecraft versions much faster.
  15. Oh! I see now. Smart simple way of explaining to!
  16. I've been using it since Beta 1.7.3, and i've never had to use those mods.