Is this considered griefing?

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  1. Is it considered griefing if I remove a chest that was placed in my base by an actual griefer? I am very careful about this because I know that if you get banned for griefing, your res gets wiped. My reses (one in particular) were extremely pains-taking to build, not to mention outrageously expensive, so getting banned for griefing would be devastating. To put it lightly.

    In the midst of the wreckage of my old base, the vile scrap of filth (who rended my domain asunder) left a chest with a bunch of stuff in it (among them is the new-user handbook, which makes me think this was a newbie). Can I remove it without being considered a griefer myself?

    I'm asking this because I have no idea if chests are detected by the system. I finally had time away from summer school this week to log in and I decided to run out to my personal wild base and see what was left. Most of the damage are blocks that I don't think are trackable so I don't really think a moderator can do anything about it, but dang people real messed up my place.

    Sheep gone, chickens gone, farms destroyed, sculptures wrecked, doors stolen, redstone lab totally destroyed, (NOOO my beautiful redstone lab)...anyway. Time to rebuild. I was just wondering about the chest issue.
  2. If a player is perm banned, their property in the wild is up to anyone to have. Go ahead, move the chest.
  3. Some things cannot be tracked by the system. Things can happen, like a server problem or glitch. and there is nothing to be done. I can always help you rebuild if you want.
  4. But did the player get perm banned ? I would wait for a mod to answer. Unless it's an established outpost in which case it's yours to do with whatever.
  5. Many things are trackable,I would message a mod
  6. okay, I'll ask a mod. I have no idea if the player is permbanned or not. I'm just trying to avoid getting banned myself. I'm not aware of any way that I can prove that the base is mine, other than the fact that there's a sign at the entrance bridge that says "Tiburok's Base". The last thing I want to do is get permbanned and lose everything because I took out a griefer's stuff that was sitting in a base that I couldn't prove is my own.
  7. Reporting you now, you griefing scum.

    Just kiddin, I suggest you inbox a mod if you were griefed. The mods almost always catch the griefer.
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  8. Looking into this now
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