Is this bug legal?

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  1. Hey EMC, just wondering is the bug where if you have a ton of cows crammed into a small space and three parents sometimes create two babies legal? since it's one of those bugs everyone can take advantage of.
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  2. Not sure what you're saying, you mean to say that this can override the entity limits? Because if that's the case then it would definitely not be legal to use.

    Forget about the rules about exploiting bugs for now but think about why those rules were set into place: The entity limiter is used to reduce lag on the server. Making sure that all players can have the same amount of animals on their residence without it interfering with lag (and thus hindering others!).

    So if you were to purposely ignore and bypass this then you're possibly creating more lag, which could seriously affect other players.


    Rumor has it that Minecraft 1.11 is going to address this bug with the introduction of suffocation. So if you put too many animals together at the same spot then they could die. Still.. it's only a rumor for now.
  3. Replying to the actual bug, no.

    I'll bring it up with the devs, please don't abuse at this time and we'll hopefully get it sorted.
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  4. I always thought cows could have twins. :confused:

    Not "abusing" this would prevent many players from breeding cows using the same method (cow breeder/cooker). This "bug" has existed since stained clay was released (maybe even before that, but I didn't have a cow breeder thing before to know).
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  5. And should have been reported.

    We'll hopefully get a fix out soon.

    Logic according to

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