Is there any way to alter the render distance in the town?

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  1. You can only see your neighbouring lots and not the ones beyond them which is a shame :c
  2. At this time the render distance of EMC is fixed at 5 chunks.
    This was a step taken to alleviate the lag situation we were experiencing due to large numbers of entities around the empire.
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  3. Alright thanks anyway
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  4. Isn't the render distance 4 chunks in town and 6 chunks in the wild?
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  5. I believe that was changed recently, or was going to be changed to 5.
  6. Well, the wiki isn't updated yet
    (Also, how did you do that? :p)
  7. I'll get clarification on that...

    Depending on how it's counted you can get different numbers (4 if you don't count the current chunk, 5 if you do).
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