Is there a way to vote multiple times with multiple accounts?

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  1. Alright, so lets say I go and vote for all the websites that are currently listed under the "vote" tab. Then I go through them again and try to vote with my alternate or another account and it tells me I already voted today, which I have not. At least not with that account. I believe that the websites block my IP address from my router after I vote and then allows it again after a certain amount of time. I tried using other computers and mobile devices around my house and the same thing happens, but when I go to another network, say another building with wifi, I can do it. I just want to know if anyone knows a way I can vote with multiple accounts to support the Empire, plus, my brother cant vote for the Empire because I do and he is really bummed out about that. I really want to make him feel better.

    I know about certain browsers that my friends say can do it. One of which being Tor. But my research on such browsers show them to be fairly unsecure. So if anyone can give me any advice, that would be much appreciated. :)
  2. Vote with your account just one one site so your alt and brother can vote on the others.
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  3. the system logs your ip address so it knows you have voted from that address already, the only way around this is to vote on an alt using a friends computer, or what I do sometimes is vote using my phone when it picks up a wifi link when I am out its not so easy as the captcha images don't always open completely but it works.
  4. Yep, that system is in place with the voting sites and not EMC, it is purely to prevent one guy from voting thousands of times for the same server to push them up the list. My suggestion is as mentioned above, just agree with your brother that you both will only vote on certain sites each, so you always have a vote each day.
  5. There are... 6 sites? that will let you vote.
    Rather than vote on all 6 at once, use the first three to vote for your main, your alt, and your brother in the morning.
    Then at night, vote on the last three to vote for your main, your alt, and your brother.

    This will spread out the votes.
    If you got a cell phone with the internet on it, like 3G or 4G, turn off the wifi access to your phone and use the phones network to get a fresh IP address.

    Other great places to 'visit' is Starbucks, McDonalds, etc... (free wifi = new IP address).

    Hope this helps.
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  6. Use a VPN or data on a phone. PM me for more info if ya want.
  7. If you use a phone, disconnect from any nearby connections, and use data.
  8. Hmm. I was already aware of most of what everyone has said. I was wondering if there was a way to get a router to cycle through IP addresses or to change it easily so that I could use a different IP to access the internet and vote on all the sites will all my accounts. And no, my phone is not 3g or 4g. Its a little piece of junk, but I do have a 5th gen ipod. Spreading up the votes for each of my accounts is only going to get me the bonus. I want to vote on all the sites for all my accounts so that all of them get all those rupees and bonuses while supporting the Empire through all those accounts. There has got to be a way to do it. I just haven't found it yet...
  9. *ahem* Proxies... Although, you would most likely have to pay for using it, and also not have proxies blocked from the voting sites.
    Your IP address (external) is dictated by your provider. Even if you do not 'pay' for a static IP address, you are usually reserved one address for a decent length of time before they change it on you.

    So, what you speak of, look for proxies.
  10. allows you to vote with different usernames from the same IP.