Is there a way to have a head shop without an alt?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Guilll, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Is there a way to have a head shop without an alt or without changing your ign??
    please help meh
  2. Changing your name monthly :p
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  3. lol I did say without changing my name :p i was just wondering if you like changed the name of the head block it would stay that skin or if there is something like that :p
  4. The only way for your head not to change is if you change your player name there is no alternative, however this may change in the future
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  5. I didn't read the whole thing :p next time I should.. I was watching mine on on YT :)
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  6. aww :(, I guess i will have to wait until the future to make a head shop
  7. Or just buy heads from other places & resell them? If thats legal.. Idk O_O
  8. I know at /v +Deco, you will be banned from ALL of the res's if you do that, we don't allow that
  9. How do u get all the deco heads tho
  10. I know a few people go to some people and buy heads from them with permission. But I'm not sure how often that happens.
  11. We farm them by killing ourselves :)
  12. I am so confused. Why can't we just sell our own heads?
  13. You can sell your own head :)
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  14. You can, but if you change your skin later, the head's texture will change with it. Unless you changed your name before changing your skin.