is there a way of getting from somewhere in the wild, to some where else in the wild?

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  1. well, is there?
  2. Walking. Boating. Nether travel.
  3. And Death, dont forget the trusty "Blood teleport"
  4. walk, skip, or jump
  5. Falling, riding a minecart or a pig, and outpost teleporters.
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  6. Guys don't forget the 20 block teleportation to the spawn or res's if you are within the wild spawn! Also don't discount water buckets or the lazy. Also tunnels and jumping is great.
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  7. Almost every way of travel has already been said, except for: Ender pearls!

    Warning: im not responsible for any damage or deaths it may cost.
  8. Oh yeah end portals! If near a stronghold just jump in the portal in the end and go back to your bed or spawn!
  9. Rail tunnels and nether are my favorite.
  10. Pigs with saddles.
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  11. I never realised how many forms of travel we have...
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  12. End portal and ender pearls are two different ways of travelling.
  13. What about the west, east, north, and south outposts?
  14. God gave you feet for a reason. Or, if you don't buy that, then some bacteria adapted to have feet for a reason.
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  15. bacteria with feet :)
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  16. how do you tellaport with ender portals?
  17. or ender pearls?
  18. throw them somewhere but throwing them at the ground will do nothing but waste your ender pearls so don't do it
  19. Right click with them equipped much like snowballs or chicken eggs