Is storage space rental allowed?

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  1. Someone told me storage space rental might be considered a bank,is it considered that?

    EDIT-Checked the wiki and it seems it is.I guess I'll do something else with my basement.
  2. I don't think they are allowed since theft is too common in that sense
  3. I don't see why people would want to store their stuff on another property, anyway. The whole concept seems a little pointless.
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  4. Yea I don't know anyone that would use that kind of service.
  5. When you only have one res and want to move server/claim a new one is the only situation this would make sense. But as already said theft would be a problem :/
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  6. I used to rent out a storage locker a long, long time ago when what is now my horse farm with only one machine, was a huge underground lab/construction site.. But I only did so with people that I absolutely trusted and that was one of my employees that had access to my experimental lab and the person that I made my first 100k rupees working for. Both parties would have to be absolutely trustworthy, one that the person storing the things will not route though the boxes and that the person storing will not route though the storers belongings with this new-found container access.. :oops: ..of course that can always be fixed with access signs but takes up more space with all of the signs and stuff..
  7. Lets say that player stores their stuff, but then decides to take it all without telling and blames you for it all disappearing. :rolleyes:
  8. That would fall under the category of both players being absolutely trustworthy.. xD
  9. When you want to move residence, and only have one residence but lots of stuff, its got a point then.
  10. We have a lesson here: For safety reasons, Never store your belongings on someone else's res unless its a irl known freind of yours. Dont risk it :D
  11. How is that a lesson when this thread isn't about stolen items from renting a storage space? :confused:
    Then that player is a douche :p
  12. Well, not a lesson but something Idk watcha call it