Is SMP6 the new SMP8?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by ConductorConduit, Jun 11, 2015.

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    I think I explained myself clearly #SavetheMelons
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  2. NO this will not be allowed
  3. stay away smp8'ers i like my quiet
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  4. I am 100% okay with this
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  5. Okay with them dieing or the Movement? hehe
  6. You sure your up to the task of saving the melon?

    Who would like to to hurt this guy? This project will save him for just pennys a day. Saving melons in smp6 is our goal please help smp6.
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  7. Smp8 has a mass marriage the other day, rainbowchin married bk,i married eviltoade and a bunch of other people married items such as average walrus marrying a stump and someone else marrying a torch. Dont think you can outweird smp8
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  8. SMP8 isn't becoming less weird. :p
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  9. we also have the weirdest mods living on smp8
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  10. Smp6 and smp8 are equally weird.:p
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  11. smp6 will never be weirder.
  12. We have a shrine to seffychan to no longer make bad puns. does smp6 have a shrine?
  13. no but we have a pumpkin pyramid
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  14. If we save the melons will be pumpkins be included?
  15. Oh look, SMP6 is trying to be like SMP8. Thats so cute.
  16. amen.
  17. There's a war coming. I can smell it. *sniff sniff*
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