Is gambling banned?

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  1. So i was making a lucky dip game when mogamary1 and wrattened were saying that gambling was banned. is this true? a few days ago i saw justin say that onyly lottos were banned but not gambling
  2. I have never heard of anything like this being banned... why would it be? Don't trust everything you hear - many people used to claim that obsidian generators were not allowed on EMC because they are kind of a glitchy way to generate lots of obsidian, but that was never true. If it's not specifically mentioned in the Empire Guide, I would think you're safe to do it! :)
  3. Yeah but they said that robbie sent a server wide message. i am just wondering whether this is true
  4. I don't believe so. Smp1's residence consists of most slot/gambling/casino owners. If it was banned, most of EMC would be empty. Ask Justin about it, I don't intirely know but I don't think it's banned. :3
  5. I have been told by moderators that they are banned so I believe it's true. :)
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  6. I don't know what you mean by gambling but Lotto's are definitely banned.
  7. Lucky dipping
  8. Where did you find this information? Do I need to start up a lotto so that I can be told that they are banned? :p
    I have never seen any "server-wide messages" about it, but I can't get on EMC nearly as much as I'd like to... so maybe I missed it? Regardless, I use the Empire Guide as my source of information for what is and isn't allowed in the Empire, and there is no mention of lotto not being allowed. If it is banned, we need an update... any mods want to comment on this topic?
  9. Ok I was told by R0bbieJo to tell everyone that Lucky dipping and Lotteries are BANNED because some stupid idiots cheat and don't put the correct things that they advertise in their dispensers. Don't question me. I was told by a moderator to pass it around. I will contact a more senior staff member to confirm this.
  10. LOL Please do! :) Looking forward to seeing it on the forums!
  11. Yes, hope the mods contact us
  12. Ok I am contacting now.
  13. I asked Shaun a while ago, they are..
  14. Yeah I asked R0bbieJo and she said they r.
  15. Yeah, that's what I said? lol.
  16. N000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  17. Gambling is banned in smp4 for sure and I'm pretty sure it is banned across the empire. . .
    Although Gambling is banned some games aren't so just ask a mod. :)
  18. Time to start using my sig against mods
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  19. Okay, to clarify this for all of you, we have banned lottos and gambling temporarily due to the mass amount of cheating and scamming going on. This is an EMC ban until we can sort out exactly how these need to be done.
    The sad reality is that if you all did not have players trying to do bad things, we as mods would not have to be involved at all, but you do so we are.
    There will very soon be a new pinned thread with ALL the rules and standards for any games of chance. We are putting a great deal of thought and effort into this so please be patient.
    Until then, they are to be shut down.
    Thank You
    and the staff as we are all in agreement on this at this time :)
  20. I'm kind of curious as to why something like this wasn't in the news section. Seems important enough to me.