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Which Service Would You Use?

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Farm Building 17 vote(s) 77.3%
Wild Hotel 4 vote(s) 18.2%
Protection 4 vote(s) 18.2%
Residence and Rebuilding 5 vote(s) 22.7%
My Mega Mall 6 vote(s) 27.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello people of this fine empire Minecraft server(s) this is an update thread showing what services will be offered by me in the future.


    The Ironic-Sword Farm Building service will be REVIVED. I have improved the prices to make it more affordable.

    I am in the process of building the 1st EVER (as far as i know) Wild Hotel, it will have enough space for 3,600 guests to stay in luxury while they fight monsters, mine for ores and build their own wild bases! The 1st Wild Hotel will be built on Smp3 but one day their will be one hotel on EVERY SERVER.

    On residence /v 6244 I am in the process of building the Ironic-Sword Mega Mall selling all the items you can get on survival mode (including rare items). To make it special up to 20 people will be able to build their own underground shop on the residence to give buyers a wider choice of items from the same place!

    Another new service is the Ironic-Sword Protection, where people can go into the wild/wastelands and be protected while they fight monsters, mine for ores and build their own wild bases!

    And finally I'll be setting up a service helping people who have been griefed or stolen from or need help building on their residence. For a small fee i'll help them with whatever they need.


    The Ironic-Sword Enchanting Service is for people who want enchants and Enchanted Items but don't have to EXP to get them. Discounts available if used with the Farm Building Service.



    Zombie Spawner Farm = 2,500r
    Skeleton Spawner Farm = 2,500r
    Spider Spawner Farm = 2,500r
    Cave Spider Spawner Farm = 2,500r
    Blaze Spawner Farm = 5,000r
    Monster Spawner Farm = 2,500r
    Nether Monster Farm = 2,500r
    Passive Monster Farm = 2,500r
    Zombie Pigmen Gold Farm = 5,000r to 25,000r Design =
    Iron Golem Iron Farm = 5,000r to 25,000r Design =
    Enderman End Farm = 5,000r to 25,000r
    Witch Swamp Farm = 7,500r Design =

    Cobblestone generator = 1,000r
    Stone generator = 1,000r
    Obsidian generator = 2,500r

    Wheat Crop Farm = 1,000r
    Carrot Crop Farm = 1,000r
    Potato Crop Farm = 1,000r
    Melon Crop Farm = 1,000r
    Pumpkin Crop Farm = 1,000r
    Cactus Crop Farm = 1,000r
    Sugar Cane Crop Farm = 1,000r


    Underground Hotel Room = 100r
    Self Catering Hotel Room = 250r
    Standard Hotel Room = 500r
    Iron Hotel Room = 1,000r
    Gold Hotel Room = 2,000r
    Diamond Hotel Room = 2,500r
    Emerald Hotel Room = 3,000r


    15 Minutes Protection = 250r
    30 Minutes Protection = 500r
    45 Minutes Protection = 750r
    1 hour Protection = 1,000r


    Item Recovery = (minimum) 250r
    Griefed House Rebuild = (minimum) 500r
    Residence Build = (minimum) 1,000r



    1x Vice President Pay = The profits the business makes when i'm not here(due to ill/holidays)!
    2x Farm Builders Pay = 10% to 90% of any profits made on the farms.
    1x Miners Pay = 1,000r to 5,000r per DC of blocks
    3x Hotel Managers Pay = 10,000r per month
    2x Guardians Pay = 5,000r per month
    20x Unground Shop Owners Pay = The amount of money you make from the shop


    Alternate Accounts:
    Will you do as you're told?:
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (be honest):
    If you've being banned or kicked why?:

    I hope you Enjoy using our services in the future.

    UPDATE 1= I added new prices to different size farms now Enjoy :)
    UPDATE 2: i've added new rules and orders are NOT to be put on this thread anymore!

    CEO of Ironic-Sword Inc.

    [SERVICE] Farm Building =
  2. IGN: Mad_Miner24_7
    Alternate Accounts: None
    Job: Miner
    Will you do as you're told?: Yes
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (be honest): No never
    If you've being banned or kicked why?: Never been banned or kicked
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  3. Are the nature farms fully automatic?
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  4. yes they are
  5. What is the pay for working for you?
    And will i get accepted if i apply? i was banned once for swearing.
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  6. Last question. How big are the farms?
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  7. The pay varies from job to job. Yes you could get accepted it just depends who else applies for the job!

    The only farms that can be different sizes are the Zombie Pigmen Gold Farm, Iron Golem Iron Farm and the Enderman End Farm they can be 16x16, 32x32 or 64x64!
  8. IGN: adondrabkin
    Alt accounts: AdinDoesGaming (not registered on emc yet, will be soon)
    Job: Farm builder (or) miner, (or) protector
    Will you do as your told? Yes
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (be honest):Banned
    Why was i banned?:Swearing. (im over it now :p)
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  9. A protector is someone who protects people in the wild/wastelands as part of the Ironic-Sword Protection.
    They get full Enchanted Diamond Armour and tools and get paid 5,000r per month!
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  10. Question: What is stopping griefers from just going to your wild hotel and just tearing it down and/or using it for free.
  11. ME oh and the Staff of EMC.
    Also the tonnes of obsidian i'm going to coat each hotel in :p
  12. Can I see a screenshot of a witch farm?
  13. You can... As soon as i build one (i'll do one on Single-player tomorrow)!
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  14. IGN:gollark8
    Alternate Accounts:none
    Job: underground shop owner
    Will you do as you're told?:yes
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (be honest):kicked
    If you've being banned or kicked why?:for accidentally going AFK for 15 hours.I accidentally go AFK for long times lots.
    I want to set up a potion store.
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  15. Ok, in that case I will also be it xD
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  16. I mean actual dimensions for stuff like sugar cane farms. I want to know how much I am getting for what I pay.
  17. Ok cool

    Oh -_-
    Well then each crop farm is made fully automatic and will give you 64 of the crop EACH harvest (sugar canes give you 128 and melons even more)!
  18. IGN: jkrmnj
    Alternate Accounts: none
    Order and Time Spent: 1 cactus farm
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (be honest): no
    If you've being banned or kicked why?: no
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  19. As soon as I reopen the Ironic-Sword Farm Building Business ALL pre-orders will be fulfilled first!

    P.S where do you want to cactus farm?
  20. I would also like to buy an obsidian generator.
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