Have you tried the parkour courses at /v 6273 of SMP 3?

Yes, all the time! 5 vote(s) 12.8%
Yes, just once or twice. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No. 4 vote(s) 10.3%
Never heard of it. 23 vote(s) 59.0%
Whaaaa you lost me at SMP 3? 7 vote(s) 17.9%
  1. Hello there fellow people's. I decided I could take time to sell iron.
    1-63 will be at 2.5 r each ingot (rounded down) (Shipping will increase it to 2.7) (rounded down)
    64-127 will be 2.2r each ingot (rounded down) (Shipping will increase it to 2.4)(ditto)
    Everything above that will be at 2r each ingot with or without shipping
    (For your convenience, a single chest is worth 3,456 rupees please allow 1 to 2 weeks for single chests)

    Buying order:
    Player: Blah
    Amount: #
    Price: So we are on the same page
    Deadline: Might be iffy because I cannot play everyday and lagg...
    I hope you enjoy buying from me!
    (Please PM me the orders, and please don't get more than a SC of iron; I would fare better at increments of one single chest until I can speed up the process of getting iron.)
    (Also, school is in, so all orders will be further slowed.)
    Sorry for any inconveniences, but I do have something of a life during school, and Thanks for your order and for reading this!
  2. Player: xHaro_Der
    Amount: A DC of ingots if you can, if you think you can't do that an SC is fine.
    Price: If you choose a DC, 6912r. If you choice to do an SC, 3456r.
    Deadline: Whenever you can, quote this post with a deadline that you can do, and which amount of iron you want to supply me with :)
  3. Thanks, but next time please do a PM.
    Hmm.. as far as timing goes I'm thinking it will take a while so... sometime this week...

    What do you need so much iron for?
  4. Iron is cool.

    So like, is 8/10/13 good for you?
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  5. Hmm... maybe... maybe... I don't really like to set things in stone... I'll try for that, and hopefully my parents will allowith me to play as much as necessary!
    Iron that cool? hmmm... maybe gold or diamonds or emeralds... yeah I guess iron is kinda cool.
  6. Iron is cheaper than that though XD not the coolest thing but definitely the most cost-effective (Dwight would disagree XD)
  7. KD Dwight the moderator... I guess he is either a cheapskate or one who lives richly at least in EMC!
    Either way iron is fine and very complemented by the other minerals!
  8. I was referring to his Iron Pyramid by Smp9 spawn :p
  9. I don't explore Smp 9 that much... Or Smp 1 very much for the fact of said matters...
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  13. Gotcha all ready and you have it!
  14. Great service :D
  15. Yes good sir it is =D
  16. Sadly, Diamonds seem cooler to me, but I can't make my diamond generator until later. It does involve a lot of obsidian too, hint, hint.
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  19. aaaand a not a bump. A question. Where did you get all the iron from?