Iron Farm in Town Question

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  1. Do iron golems spawn in Town? Was considering making an iron farm but I'm not sure if I should go to the effort to find golems don't spawn.
  2. NO
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  3. No hostile mobs will spawn in town. The only (minor) exception is the snow golem: if you have a Blizz Ard's nose and a snowy surface then you can use that to spawn in a snow golem. But that's about it.

    (edit): The best place for farms like those is the Frontier; there you can build something without the risk of the world resetting (and you losing your stuff).
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  4. :p (If you are looking for a fast iron farm, visit fell on smp8 ;))
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  5. ElectricSparx - All smp8 Public Wild Utilities information is here.

    Fe(II) is located on smp8. Go to Wild North, and either take the rail to Sushi Drop (there are birch logs and a pause in the rail to hop out at), or for quicker transport, take the road on the NW side on a horse, or boat along the road.
    Everyone is welcome to use the farms so long as they respect the farms. Please try not to break anything, and of course, do not build anything. If you break something by accident or see a griefing, please post about it on the thread above. Enjoy :)
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  6. What a very helpful and constructive response that is in no way rude.

    Didn't think iron golems counted as hostile, but okay then. Guess when I have the time I'll build my farm in the Frontier.

    Ah, thank you for this! Very useful information, I'll have to keep this in mind.
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  7. Was more than a one word answer even necessary to answer your question?
  8. Theres also a public iron farm originally built by NZScruffy that I now maintain at /nether, turn right then follow the path down. There'll be 2 nether portals on the left that take you there
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  9. In all fairness, capitalizing it like that does make it look like shouting which made it look different.
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  10. Fe(II), not fell. Do NOT call it fell. Ever.
  11. --cringes back from Toto-- I call it "fell" in my head all the time actually. I'm positive Cami does since he fell to his death the most there while we were building lol!
  12. That's true. I just figured it was due to accidentally hitting caps lock or holding down the shift key a little too long. (LIke this) I do both really frequently.
  13. I think we definitely need more iron farms on EMC.
  14. I "fell" several times to return to Town after dropping off supplies, including a whole DC of Pearls for the group. :p
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  15. Who was considering on building an iron farm in the town?
  16. Me as a nublet 400 days ago
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  17. I'm still falling there! But this last time I was cushioned by slime blocks and 50 golems :)
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  18. You just made Aikar puke a little bit in his mouth.
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  19. I think I made *myself* puke a little. We have so many iron farms on EMC. I probably have 3-4 DCs of Iron blocks just sitting around not being used in fact.
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