Iron farm for auction

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  1. I have an iron farm that's just standing there no need for it.

    So I'm auctioning it.

    Start price:9k

    Bid up:1k

    Ends: at 2/28/13

    It's only 1 cell

    Spawn's 2 golems every 6min

    15min away from spawn(not far)

    Pls tell me if I can do this?
  2. You are not allowed to auction this item. You may only auction double chest of any item, or enchanted items in any quantity. Also, beacons.
  3. Yes but this not at auction place
  4. Right, but your still trying to auction it. If you want to post it here, you can set a price and sell the coordinates, but that is all.
  5. Omg I forgot there is a skeleton spawner under the farm not touch
  6. Okay thank you all iris now selling for 20k

    If u want a lower price pls tell me

    And the farm is on smp4
  7. You can sell coordinates but not auction them, Stormboy. Here's a link to selling Spawner locations:

    And here is a link where one of the staff, Ignoramoose, states their opinion regarding selling non-spawner locations:

    If you decide to do this, I would clear it with a staff member first and follow their instructions if they ok it.
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  8. Okay if a staff can may they clean this and post a thing about this on that link and just say that I'm selling a iron farm with a spawner under it
  9. Can a staff pls help me here?
  10. Closing thread. Just start a new thread for selling the iron farm location.
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Not open for further replies.