Iphone 6 parodies

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  1. Warning strong language!

    When a new iPhone is revealed, YouTube parodies appear. So post all your Youtube iPhone parodies that you like.

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  2. lol I was gonna say that, but I found more: Warning* iPhone*

    and you put "Yotube" instead of "YouTube"
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  3. Not YouTube but I think it counts as a parody nonetheless.

    Mouseover: When it explodes, it will shed its outer layers, leaving nothing behind but a slowly fading PalmPilot, calculator, or two-way pager.
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  4. Really? He has stated many times before that he doesn't appreciate when people correct his English, and also that English is a second language to him. It is fine to follow your friends around and point out their grammar mistakes, but this kind of forum behavior discourages players with English as a second language from posting. Who wants to post if they constantly have to fear being corrected by you guys?

    EMC is a welcoming community. But when you guys go around and do this kind of crap, it just makes us look like a clique. It is even worse that someone who has the title of Contributor is doing it. As a Contributor, you are supposed to be knowledgeable about a majority of EMC. Clearly you need a refresher, as your behavior contradicts one of our greatest values.

    Please, just stop. If correcting people's English fills a void inside you, consider hosting a community education event in your local area.
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  5. Not specific to iPhone 6 but targets Apple adverts:
  6. I'm not saying it in a rude and sarcastic way..

    and sorry, I've never seen him say that he didn't appreciate it. Also, English is my second language too.

    Also: your reply sounded very rude
  7. Thnx friend, and yes i hate when PEOPLE in the FORUMS correct my ENGLISH. If you like to make fun of my grammar plz tell me in the face, not with a keyboard, tell it infront of me.

    Warning strong languague!

    No me jodas, o te voy a joder la vida.

    Google translate if you want to know what i said.

    J/K, but really Ultimamaxx , don't be like that.
  8. Also can a mod change the title plz :D. Because their are people that kind, or, do not respect others grammar.
  9. I wasn't trying to be rude. I already said sorry, and I'm sorry again. Also, I don't think you can say that on the forums to other people... in public
  10. Also i think that you should not correct others grammar without his, or her permision. I don't think you can do that on the forums.
  11. What you said is worse, generalfelino015... I said I wasn't trying to be rude or anything..... and I don't like how you and jkjkjk182 went to me when I wasn't the first one to correct anybody.. look at post #2....

    If you, generalfelino015, can't be nice and accept my apology, then fine.

    By the way, you didn't vote for a day and two hours, so I did it for you. :)

  12. I aimed it at you because qwerty doesn't really have a habit of fixing grammar, and he just did title of the thread. If he went around and did it for every single point on every single thread, then I would have included him in it too.

    Seriously, you and Krazy need to stop. It was humorous the first few times, but now it is far passed its prime.
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