iPhone 4S,5,5s, or 5c?

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What 7 vote(s) 17.5%
Pie 33 vote(s) 82.5%
  1. There is a Bonus Question in the poll, what iPhone should my mom get, or keep the 4S?

    Voters Pie:

    5s: 4


    5: 1

    5c: 1
  2. Well if she already has a 4S, she should keep it, or if she's just getting a new phone. a 5 or 5S.
  3. Can I have the 4s? :D
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  4. No, I'm getting it :p
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  5. She is getting a new one, sorry for double post
  6. lol how about the Iphone 20s xP the 18th one wasn't really my thing (Yes im trolling) sorry.
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  7. I was not impressed with any of them but 5s is the flagship so i will go with that. That is why i got an android (Galaxy S4)
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  8. Definitely the 5s, the 5c seems like a waste of money.
  9. And the others aren't?
  10. Well, not as much as the 5c. It is like the Ipad Mini for Iphones
  11. Nokia camera: 41 mp
    iPhone 5s: 8 mp

    iPhone 5s: No NFC
    Many android phones: NFC

    iPhone 5s: No expandable Memory
    Android: Expandable

    iPhone 5s: Apple maps (crap)
    Android: Google maps (not perfect but better)

    iPhone 5s: not to many usable features
    Android: NFC, Face tracking, smart pause, more RAM

    iPhone 5s: $200 with contract
    iPhone 5c: $100 with contract
    Android: Starting from $0

    iPhone 5s: Fingerprint scanner
    Android: No fingerprint scanner
    (not having one is a good thing since fingers get greasy and therefore wouldn't work)

    The only 5s advantage is itunes and the simplicity of i OS 7. People, some on, the iPhone 5s and 5c ail be major bombs. The stock dropped 2.28% afterwards and show little significant changes from their previous models. Apple should only come out with a new phone every two years and avoid the "in between" "s" models that are just a waste. More people will buy them because by then their contracts will be over and it will have major improvement. Apple is reportedly testing a 6 inch iPhone. That is what I want to see, something that isn't awkwardly tall and skinny (put a little meat on it i guess you could say). Take what android has and improve on it which can be done. The only apple products i like now are the iPad and MacBooks. When Steve Jobs died the company's touch died with him. Apple, you are a top 10 fortune 500 company, show some initiation.
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  12. Who needs itunes when on an Android you can download an app that lets you download free music directly into your stock music app?:rolleyes:
  13. It's just a vote!
  14. Hell, Google let you buy a streaming subscription (that seems to include downloads, lol) to their music store for a half decent price. Until Crapple does that, I can't really see iTunes as much more than a fail - failing to match what Google has done in a shorter time, with better prices, and easier. Sure, Apple like money... so make some off people like me and offer what the rest of the world is.
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  15. So..... not that
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  16. Why not? It's waterproof and the screen is hard to break. Apple products aren't waterproof and their screen is easy to break, they're not Android, either.
    Naw, it died long before he died. Maybe about 10 years before he died.
    Also keep in mind Google supports other stores like the Amazon Store, too - Apple think the App Store is superior and everyone else is competition and their products should die with their company.
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  17. I'm still rocking a IPhone 4 and plan to keep it till it crocks on me.

  18. Naw, but seriously, that's a good decision. Apple just wants money money money from people by releasing basically the same thing every year, with a few very slight and minor changes.
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