iOS 7

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Do you have an Apple device?

No 4 vote(s) 14.8%
Yes 23 vote(s) 85.2%
  1. So, it came out. And it looks like it's even buggier than minecraft 1.4 was at first: i'm just unable to download it.
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  2. That's because 1093851094723452354 people are trying to at the same time. :)

    apple cant handle this crap dun dun dun
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  3. Does it work on iPad 2s?This explains why my Pocket Planes app said something about iOS 7 in the update description.
  4. It's out? Whenever I try to check for an update on my iPhone 4S, it says there was an error while checking for an update..
  5. I think it does on any iPad higher than iPad 2
    It's out for almost one hour now
  6. I just checked and found it up on the software update screen before you posted
  7. I don't get that error and I use an old iPad 2
  8. It looks like an even worse version of Windows 8, and it's buggy as hell :p
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  9. That's what I said, 120397510298735 people trying to load it, apple servers go slow. (And you need battery for the update to work, I think, more than 80%.
  10. It took me 15 times to try to download it on my mother's iPhone. once i did it took me 1.5 hours -_-
  11. I think it works now, I don't really want it anymore cause someone of my friends got it already(and I wanted to be the first)but I think it should work for most people now.
  12. I'd just like to point out, that when you guys were trying to update, the update had been live for possibly less than an hour. When updates go live for just about everything, there is a huge swamp of people attempting to download it. No matter how good the server is, it can still cause unexpected problems.

    What is the device?
  13. Not only that, but Apple can't make servers right.
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  14. yeah iTunes is messin up my songs ATM so its prob with all the activity on the apple server
  15. This is why you get it 2 days earlier. *hint*
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  16. Dev previews...
  17. thats what my ipad said earlier, but it works now :D and its awesome
  18. Really? What do you like about it?
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  19. i got it this morning, and was shocked by the look of it lol

    it really doesnt look good with my current background :p
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