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  1. Not really.... only thing i see it used for is making shulker farms, so you can get the shulkers to where they need to go in the farm. alternatively theirs ways around that to get them where they need to go but it would make things 10x easier but in my opinion not worth the trouble to enable them.
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  2. If its the achievement that's the problem then how about this?

    Are effects able to be enabled for a period of seconds like 2-3s to allow for enough time to complete the achievement and then it disables and possibly says in chat

    To stop stalking we have disabled invis for more than *s to still allow for * achievement
  3. I would like to be able to get the advancement one day, so any approach that allows that, for me is fine
  4. To be fair. That other thread isn't in the suggestion box.
    I saw it :)
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  5. Why not have it so that the invisibility potion has standard functions as vanilla, but the time is absolutely butchered by a lot (ex Throwing a pot straight up grants 8 min, but invis grants 1 minute of invisibility) It will still allow the advancements "A furious cocktail" and "How did we get here" to be possible on EMC, but doesn't allow you to abuse the power of invisibility to "watch" or "stalk" other players.
    Referring the last sentence to this quote here
  6. I agree that. Emc should enable invisible potion but their nametag still visible to other player (to prevent tracking from other players and grief act)
    For peeps who don't know player have nametag above them, that's their username for easier detection
    Mobs can't detect you because you have invisible potion (mc already balance invisible potion by if you wear armor, chance to spotted by mobs increases)
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