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  1. Hi everyone! Keltezaa recommended this server so I decided to take a look. I'm 27 years old, female and I am from the Netherlands. I played minecraft for almost a year now so I'm still kinda new to this game. I am mostly a builder, not so much a miner. I hope to meet you in game some time. Still figuring out where to go, this is the second server I ever played on.
  2. Welcome to the Empire, Foar! This is a great server, I'm sure you'll fit in really well. If you need any help, let us know :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire Foarsitter. Look forward to seeing your builds.
  4. Welcome to the Empire. May have to see these builds when you do them :p
  5. Een hele goede avond gewenst ;)

    Thats as far as I'm taking it since English is the main language ;) But there's more Dutchies here.

    Hi Foarsitter, nice meeting you!

    I think you picked quite a nice server, EMC is quite big but also very professionally set up. My tip though: don't try to take it all in at once, that won't work out too well because there's just WAY too much to learn and see here.

    Like I told you in-game: you landed on SMP3, your friend lives on SMP7. There is an option to move if you'd like but yeah... I'm sure you'll work it out. But if there's anything you need help with be sure to ask. The EMC community is really all about helping each other out if we can help it.

    Anyway, hope you'll have a great time on EMC!
  6. Welcome to EMC! ;)
  7. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! I recently re-joined the server, sadly I am just thirteen years younger than you, so we could hang out together and just talk about anything. Of corse if you have any questions ask a staff member and if we can answer it we will try our best to get the best answer to you :D.

    Enjoy your time in the EMC family and I hope that you stay for a long time!
  8. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  9. Hi Foarsitter. Welcome to the Empire. I'm also on smp3 and if you need any help or anything for that matter and you see me on just let me know. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  10. Welcome to EMC! We're a lovely community
    (smp6 is best)
  11. Welcome to the empire! :)
  12. Thank you all for your warm words of welcome. I succesfully moved to smp7 and I unsuccesfully tried to beat Momentus so I did a bit of exploring already. ;) I haven't built a lot yet, just a home for now. See you around.
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  13. Welcome to emc!! Need anything lemme know :)
  14. Welkom op empire Minecraft Foarsitter :) ik hoop, als mede-Nederlander, dat je (het voelt zo raar om "je" en "jij" te typen, dat krijg je als je al die tijd formeel moet praten...) een geweldige emc-ervaring zal hebben. dit is al voor vier jaar de enige Minecraft-server waar ik op speel. Zie hier, het is aan mij nog steeds niet gaan vervelen. Omdat ik verre van de enige ben die er zo over denkt, verwacht ik eigenlijk ook dat ook jij een geweldige emc-ervaring zal hebben. :)

    Oh, yes, for the people who are so stuped that thay can't propper read Dutch, this is the translation:

    Welcome to to empire Minecraft Foarsitter :) I hope, as fellow dutchman, that you (a note that whouldn't make sence is Englisch) will have a great time here on emc. this is my fourth year here, and, I'm still not borred. I am expecting that you are going to have a great time here, because I'm not the only one who thinks about it like that. :)

    (it sounds way better in Dutch...) (wow, is Englisch such much shorter than Dutch?)
  15. welcome to best server on earth! hope to see ur awesome builds soon :)
  16. Thanks for your welcome. All though I am Dutch I prefer to speak English here. I saw many great buildings on this server already, I don't think you will find mine awesome, but I will try my best.
  17. Welkom op EMC!

    I'm sure you'll love it here :)

    Agreed :p

    Remember on this server we don't build to have the best building across the EMC servers, but we build because we have fun doing so.
  18. Welcome to EMC!!! If you need anything, you can find me in smp2... :)
  19. Welcome to EMC, Foarsitter don't forget SMP4 Rules:D