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  1. Salutations Fellow Empire Minecraftians. I am SassySmooch! Many of you may know me -> Link . Anyway, I have a problem. I am unskilled at Photoshop and Graphic creation - SO I need someone to create one for me. There may also be some appropriate compensation for providing me with one. *To be decided. The best creation will be featured in my Signature for... the foreseeable future.

    Thanks and Stay SASSY!
  2. Hello SassySmooch :p What exactly are you asking for?
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  3. The only guidelines are that they will end up in my Signature - and must express my Sassyness in some way shape or form.

    I will also plan on giving out some other Rewards to some other people. Even if theirs isn't chosen.
  4. Here sir, have my like for becoming the mr. sassy himself.

    On a sidenote: I hope his sassyness compensates for the 20 bucks^^
  5. Thats weird , because the real Smooch is quite skilled in the digital arts
  6. weird indeed. Perhaps you should utilize this talent for me. :p
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  7. Ok, going to give this a week for people to create potential signatures, worthy entries will all rceive at least 5,000 rupees. and the person I end up choosing for my actual signature will receive a total of 50,000 rupeees. *NOTE: you may make as many entries as you like - but can only receive a single prize.
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  8. BUMP? come on, it is 50,000 Rupees!
    and be sure to check out my profile - where I try to post things relating to the Sassy ISMOOCH himself... Semi-frequently.
  9. Thats because this smooch is sassy.
  10. sassysmooch.jpg I think Ismooch is ready for a tea party it's going to be very sassy event.
  11. where did you make that? xD
  12. My guess is on Stage.
  13. I know what to do, but you're gunna have to wait 'till tomorrow.
  14. That is one FINE! Pic you got there. Spittin' image. of Smooch
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