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  1. There isn't much to really say about myself honestly. I'm 20 years old almost 21, I have blonde hair (naturally, but I got the top of my head dyed a lighter blonde) and blue eyes. I served a year in the United States Military until I was honorably medically discharged for tearing my peroneal tendons clean in half (trust me, it hurt).

    I've been playing Minecraft for about 2 1/2 years but I'm not the best at it. I prefer to keep my houses small and simple, while spending most of my time farming materials and killing creatures.

    In real life I'm honestly an extremely shy person, I don't talk much especially around new people, and it takes a while for me to really open up to others. I enjoy nature walks and walks along beaches or rivers, hiking, camping, and sometimes staying indoors during a storm and watching movies.

    My In-Game character skin is a girl because I have an unnatural attraction to cute things, mainly being short people, clothes, small animals, decorations and etc. I dislike anything dirty, violent or otherwise "rough".

    I hope I can get along with everyone~

    See you in game~!
  2. My sig \/ \/ \/
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  3. Welcome to EMC, friend! Here's a few bullets of key info which will help you out, in case you didn't already know:
    • if you need to know anything, use the wiki
    • if that doesn't answer your question, most members are friendly and will help if asked
    • we have a professional Staff Team run by adults, also obliged to help
    • rupees are money, don't buy from the Empire Shop, tis expensive
    • ask in chat if you wish to buy something, and look for malls, they have almost all items available
    • because you're new, you get 1,000r, enough to buy around 16 diamonds, spend wisely
    • /home is your residence, they are grief protected, you can give flags (permissions) to people you trust
    • be careful who you give flags, people may grief your res, but mods are on the lookout to ban them
    Anyways, onto you.
    I see you like farming? The residences are pretty huge. I can see you've already decided to take a leap of faith and support the Empire, so I recommend you get 4 Utopia residences. Utopia residences are 4 times the size of normal residences, so getting 4 Utopia residences is roughly equivalent to 16 normal residences. That's a huge amount of room for farming, and if you want you can just make a tiny island in the sky to build a quaint wee house for yourself :)

    You like killing mobs? You've come to the right place. In our Frontier (the world for exploring and setting up communities), Wastelands (the world for mining) and Nethers, we have 2 custom minibosses, the Momentus (a Giant Zombie) and a Marlix (a really strong armoured flying skeleton) and 4 enraged mobs (regular mobs which are stronger and on fire) all EXCLUSIVE to Empire Minecraft. These worlds are on Normal Mode, for maximum challenge, and there are over 11 custom drops among mobs. Kill an Enraged Zombie, and you can expect to get a few diamonds, Shiny Flesh, and if you're lucky, his Head.
    It's not for the faint-hearted though, so you'll want to start farming, sell your produce to a megamall and buy some enchanted weapons and armour to take on the challenges!

    If you need any more help, don't be afraid to ask :)
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  4. *hugs!* Welcome to EMC, KiraSushisan :3
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  5. :eek: ; u ;
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  6. Many welcomes to you!
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  7. Hello and welcome :)
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  8. Welcome to the empire! :D I hope I'll see you on the forums.
    A few diamonds, and if you're lucky, a diamond or two.
    huh? :confused:
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  9. Well, apparently I have derped. Will edit promptly.
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  10. Welcome!! Ask me if you need any help!
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  11. Hehe, I'm a lot like you... anyways, welcome to empire minecraft!! :)
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  12. Welcome to Empire friend! :)

    Hope to see you around... :)
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  13. Welcome!
    I googled these...Holy crap...x_x
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  14. Yeah trust me it kinda hurt ...
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  15. short people, for the win!
    i'm in the category for barely 5 foot xD
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  16. According to google im 5ft 6. I also love beeing small, but sometimes I dont tho

    Welcome! :)
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  18. Welcome to EMC :)
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  19. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  20. Welcome to the Empire! Where we have cow that's addicted to TNT explosions and a women who is a pyromaniac.
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