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  1. Hello all!

    Somehow, I haven't introduced myself as a player when I joined. Well, I am a part of a animatronic clan that has spread over EMC's server smp7. When I come back, you will see me more often my name being on shop signs and dealing with Foxy's transactions for his mall (Which is in plan) I'm more of a quiet fellow which likes to pick on the other FoxyRavengers when I have a chance. If I get to speak to you, watch out for my sarcasm ;)
    (Yes I have multiple personalities for my alts don't judge me ~Foxy)
    As always have fun and I will see you around October :)
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  2. Welcome to emc!? :D If you need anything please ask!
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  3. Hi AnimatronicMall. Welcome to the Empire. I'm sure Foxy can use all the help you can supply at his mall. ;)
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  4. You'll see us around October, hm... :p
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  5. Well, he's going to help me not be rupee drained because I wont have much currency to back up my stores.
    Yes, that is when I am coming back :p
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  6. Is this another foxy alt? You have too many alts lol Welcome to the empire? :)
  7. I am just a Mall keeper :p
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