International Polar Bear Day

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  1. Hello, EMC. :)

    As you may or may not know, today, February 27th (yesterday for some of you), is International Polar Bear Day. Hosted by Polar Bear International, this day was made to raise awareness for polar bears and their unfortunate plight: global warming.

    So, in honor of the polar bears and in hopes that we help them out a bit, take some time today to think about the ways that you can reduce your global footprint, particularly ways that will reduce global warming. Turn down the heat a degree or two, or take public transportation instead of driving; it's up to you, but remember, their paws are in our hands.

    Can't think of a way to contribute? Just spread the word! Very few people are aware of International Polar Bear Day, and we can work to change that. Let people know that our polar pals are in danger of mass melting in the arctic, and it's up to us to work to save them.

    Thanks for listening, EMC. Stay frosty.

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  2. First OMG!!!

    I like this...
  3. You say take the bus instead of the car? We took the car, went to an event to watch dozens of other cars go around a track as fast as they can... my footprint isn't looking so good today :rolleyes: Sorry polar bears D: But, I suppose this means I haven't been using my computer and lights all day! We can always do a little good here and there :cool:
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  4. Happy birthday =)
  5. The only way to reduce your footprint I can think of: eating less meat.
    Which for me, would probably mean six times per year or something.
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  6. wot

    My carbon footprint is pretty low. I only use my laptop, sometimes my PS4, and my heat is at always at 20-25c. :rolleyes:

    On weekdays I also only use buses or I walk. I very rarely get in my mum's car :p
  7. Bump. International Polar Bear Day is almost over, but remember, even after it's done, we can still keep working to save those bears!
  8. Wow, you mean 20 degrees Celcius? Isn't that too hot for comfort?
  9. Cool!

    EDIT: Uh-oh, it's over.
  10. No. That's pretty cold for room temperature, and since its hitting the minuses outside and below 10s, it feels colder.
  11. Ah, okay. And at night, you still have the heater on on a very low temperature, to make sure things won't freeze, I assume. (ours at 15°C, for example)
  12. I really should be taking the train to school instead of getting a ride with my parents. Polar Bear day is over but I'm staying frosty! I'm going back to public transport as of tomorrow!