Interactive game

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  1. You are standing in the woods. There is a house to the west.
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  2. Call the pizza guy to order a large pepperoni pizza
  3. Pizza guy eat all but one slice, you go hungry.
  4. You mug the pizza guy for his money and car.
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  5. The pizza guy sues you. You are now in jail.
  6. You cry in jail and speak of stories.
  7. You escape prison.
  8. And fall into the black hole.
  9. You have fly hacks, you fly out of the black hole.
  10. You escape to a secret place far far away.
  11. You get permabanned from life for using fly hacks.
  12. Life unbanned you for having a good appeal.
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  13. As per the rules on permabans on life, you have all your stats reset.
    You are a now an unborn baby.
  14. Put dispenser here. _____
  15. The dispenser shoots you as the baby into a modern conflict, you have 1 teleportation left
  16. You teleport into a cave full of diamonds, but you forgot your pick
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  17. You start bawling because of it.
  18. A silk touch diamond pick appears out of nowhere
  19. A genie appears and says you can have this for your first wish.
  20. You wish for a pet pig