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  1. Hello! I thought that we could share about an Instrument that you appreciate or like more then any other. Just a fun thing to do and get to know each other better:)
    So you can share anything about any Instrument and why you appreciate it.
    I can start.
    I've started to appreciate the ukulele alot, and it's fun to play. I like it so much because of it's so simple but so fun and it got this funny sound so you can play alot of songs and it will still sound pretty okay. Fun fact : The ukulele is not originally from Hawaii but portugal.
    Hope you all will share about your Instrument!:)
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  2. I don't use an instrument but I feel like this sloth playing a banjo must be appreciated...
  3. I appreciate the violin because that is what I play, and it is pretty sounding (if you are any good at it :p) and sort of sounds like someone singing. Fun Fact: Playing the violin burn 170 calories per hour!

    So yeah...
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  4. Mayonnaise could be an instrument if you make chewing noises while you're eating it and make a song from that then it should count... anyone who agrees with my theory?:D
  5. Playing the violin burns 170 calories per hour?! Then why doesn't that count as exercise?:D
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  6. I think that someone should try my theory out, would StoneSlabGod and ChameleonNYC volunteer for this?
  7. There is only 1 thing.. Drums. :D. Nah. I really like music and instrument. I think like all instrument sounds nice and are fun. But of course, if I play drums I should be allowed to like it a bit more then other instruments! :D
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  9. :D
    Looking forward to hear it! The one who wins the mayonnaise greatest song will win "The Belt". Hope all the HIMYM lovers understand that:D
  10. I do not understand the challenge...
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  11. Eat some mayo and try to do a song, like a slime sound... only the most talented can do this:p
    You understand now? Don't know the word in english so translated it "Gorging"
  12. I personally appreciate the tuba, closely followed by the baritone/euphonium, cello, and bass, above all others. As a tuba player and former baritone, bass, and cello player, I suppose you could call me biased. :p However, all of these instruments are extremely fun to play. The tuba and the bass have a fun, bouncy sound while simultaneously are able to be as sweet and sad as any violin, while the cello and baritone create some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard.

    But above all, these guys should be appreciated because they are low instruments.

    Thus, while the violins get to play note after note of every length and pitch, these guys get stuck with boring, almost painful tracks of supporting parts. But support they do, and they do it damn well. On those rare occasions that it occurs to someone to give us the melody, oh, yes, we shine, but the real reason to respect these instruments is that they rarely get any. They are the unsung heroes of the orchestras and bands, trucking along in the background, always supporting, always there.

    So, bassists, cellists, and champions of the baritone and tuba, thank you. Thanks to my experiences at the back of the band, I will always appreciate your work.
    As for you who play the violin or the trumpet, go jump in a lake. Oh, fine, just kidding. Mostly.
  13. Nice written! That's also a thing I like with the ukulele, it's the underdog of guitar.
  14. Hey! :p The cello is pretty, but you know, the violin is better... ;)
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  15. Will there be a play off between the tuba and violin?;)
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  16. I don't know about that...
    We all know who would win... ;)
  17. LOL
    Hashhog, any comment :D

  18. My Species plays the violin. (Half Phoenix, Half Goblin)
    PS: In Real Life I Play The Violin.
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