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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by RoseWolfie, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. In this thread I will be sharing some interesting secrets and some other cool stuff!

    So a while back I met someone on here, and this is an interesting person. We have a popular youtuber among us! But for this person's privacy I won't disclose who it is or what their real name is. I have proof that they are who they say they are, so I'm not just blindly believing them. But otherwise I can't prove to you guys that I'm not making this up. I'll tell you this though, they're related to another popular youtuber, and has 2 channels, and they play on smp8. It was just by chance that I discovered who they are, just by asking if they are a fan of the youtuber that this person happens to be related to. How lucky is that?!:D

    I also have my own channel, named RoseWolfie, and I have asked our secret youtuber for help. But since I haven't talked to this person recently, they haven't been able to help me yet.

    -That is all for now! If you have any questions that won't lead me to give up our youtuber's identity, then I'll be happy to answer them.
  2. I'm interested :) How popular is our YouTuber (in terms of subscribers), just so I can gauge how popular they are?
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  3. Oh, I might know! Does he have 110k subscribers and the related YouTuber 25k? :)

    If not, there are multiple popular YouTubers among us ;)
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  4. no, he has about 160k subs. and there may be 2 others that I just 'discovered' but I cant prove it yet
  5. a little over 160k
  6. Are you ever going to tell us their names?
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  7. I found the person!!!!
    Now do I tell...
  8. I'd like to ask if he has ever posted any video about Minecraft on his channel. :)