Innovative Ideas To Advertise

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by muuto, Feb 8, 2016.

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  1. Innovative Ideas To Advertise

    Hello, As a new shop owner I realized there are only two main ways to advertise your shop, Forums and economy chat.
    Due to advertising being limited to 3 hours per advertisement.
    I realized how less ways there are to advertise.
    I'm talking to those shop owners who know and use
    innovative ideas to advertise their shop. I would think that other shop owners would find it useful to learn new methods.

    I would love to learn from others and teach others the innovate ideas

    to advertise a shop.

  2. Advertising by itself is limited to once every three hours. But if someone asks " where can I buy stone " you can always say "stone sold at /v +st best prices on smp2.
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  3. I just let others sell there things at my shop and they get half of the payment it works out quite well and they tend to tell people about your shop afterwards. In my case at least.
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  4. Best ways to advertise... First what DarkMod said above. If you keep an eye open and step in when people ask then that's a sure way to attract customers.

    The trick in getting a good shop doesn't so much lie in advertising; its getting people to know you so that they'll "advertise" for you. Example? A new player asks on SMP2 where he can sell his newly mined stuff. 8 out of 10 times people will answer: /v +poof (shop of our own poofasaurus), including yours truly.

    So basically poof doesn't even have to advertise anymore because we're doing all the work for her ;)

    Hmm, maybe I should send her a bill sometimes :D
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  5. I completely agree with this, same thing happens on smp1 with: 2000, 2222, weehs, and faithcasters malls. Everyone knows about them and recommends players to go there.
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  6. get people to know your shop by a specialty/uniqueness in the people of the same smp so they do what shell said
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  7. rename items and give them to people at emc events.
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  8. Post a ton on the forums and have your avatar and sig about your shop :p
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  9. Interested in more Ideas :D
  10. How about hiring a staff member and paying someone to build a shop on their res. Maybe you could pay Aikar/Krysyy some rupees to put in one of those in-game-chat advertisements that advertises your shop.
  11. You shouldn't advertise on other peoples threads, and krysyy/aikar only use those broadcasts for Empire Minecraft staff team run events
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