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  1. Hey guys, promotional items are very popular among users - but what is the best? If you are somebody who actually uses the gear, they can be very useful at times. I will be going over each promotional tool and weapon and asking the question "What is best?"

    As of now, there are 3 promotional pickaxes that each have their own special place.
    1. Ore Buster
    2. <Holiday Pick>
    3. Mineral Mincer
    First, let's get the stats:

    Green = Achievable in-game
    Red = Not achievable in-game
    (Enjoy those 2 red squares, OCD people)

    Ore Buster
    The only time I would recommend using this is to mine minerals that do not drop ores. The ore buster has fortune 5 which is very beneficial to you. Odds are, you probably won't get your rupee's worth with the ore buster which goes for around 600k.

    <Holiday Pick>
    This is either better or just as good as the Ore Buster. The lower efficiency should not bother you that much since you will be chugging out minerals like no tomorrow. It is not too low of a fortune level and it has a higher unbreaking level which means that you could be looking at more minerals per pickaxe-life than the Ore Buster.

    Mineral Mincer
    Despite it's name, this pickaxe is best for mining generally anything. It's Efficiency 8 allows you to mine obsidian within a matter of a few seconds and instantly mine stone with ease. Unbreaking 5 allows it that long life that it needs for its purpose AND it is available for a cheap 10k.

    Shovels, Shears, Bows, Axes, and Swords will come out next. Battle Axes will most likely be paired with the swords.
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  2. Nice comparison! You should do one for swords/attack axes!
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  3. "If you were to waste the entire pick on diamonds, you could buy another ore buster" this is false at this point lol
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  4. You cut out probably?

    How much is an ore buster worth?
  5. how dare you make those two red squares un-even with the other red squares
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  6. The green one on the last column also looks different (maybe it's just me), and the number is black instead of white like the rest.
  7. 600k or maybe even more
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  8. Those two red squares... And that other green square...