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  1. Hihi,

    Some people on EMC have got no idea what an IP address is, which is understandable. Not everyone is a tech-expert. However, there are people who think they know, but are actually wrong and what they're saying is actually confusing, scaring and worrying other users who don't know what an IP address is. So I've made a basic information guide on what an IP address is!

    IP address overview
    • IP stands for "Internet Protocol"
    • An IP address is a way your computer, phone, tablet, toaster, etc can be identified online. The server knows where to send what based on your IP address.
    • The current (and outdated) version of IP addresses is commonly IPv4. This is something like

    Your IP addresses
    • Your IP address is easily viewable from a system administration position (or other ways)
    • It is sent to everywhere you go on the internet
    • Your email address is not linked to your IP address unless you home host your own email
    • People can get a very rough idea of where you live from your IP address. By this I mean country, area and maybe an accurate city if you're somewhere like London
    • People cannot just hack you by having your IP address. If you're worried about this then chances are your routers security is default and fine
    • People can DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service [attack]) your IP address; but don't worry! Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) should just cut you off, give you a new IP address and you can be on your way
    Website IP addresses

    • When you visit http://empireminecraft.com, your computer sends a request to your router which then goes to a DNS server (Domain Name System [server]) which is typically hosted by your ISP. That then returns the IP address of the empireminecraft.com ( and then your router goes and gets the content from the server hosting the site in a too time consuming way to explain
    • Website IP addresses are not typically the IP address of the host. is not Aikar's IP address. It is the IP address of the server hosting the site

    • Who can view my IP address?
      • When you go anywhere on the internet, your IP address is sent to the server. It can be viewed by people who have access. It is not publicly shared for anyone to see
    • Who can view my IP address on EMC?
      • All staff can view IP addresses of players on the servers. I'm not sure what information Square provides about members on the site or what permissions staff have on the forums. But Senior Staff -> Admin can most likely view it on the site
    • If I give out my email, will people get my IP address?
      • Unless your home hosting your email server, then no. The worst is having a spider catch it and sell it on meaning you'll get a load of spam emails
    • What can people do with my IP address?
      • They can DDoS it, slowing down/disconnecting your internet.
      • They can get a rough location of you. This is in no way accurate. But be warned, official bodies like your local police force or governmental agency can get an accurate location from your ISP but this is kept private from people without access
    • What are those images saying my IP, where I live near and other stuff?
      • Those are dynamic images that work in the same way as you visit EMC. When your browser loads the page, it loads the image from the link posted in the users signature. The link goes to another page which returns an image. The image is made by the server which can gets sent your IP address and a few other details (browser version etc). The user does not know your IP address. The server does, but they do not.
    • I have another question!
      • Ask below! I'll try and help you out.
    I hope this stops confusion now .-. IP addresses are nothing to be scared about! You really need them and there isn't much bad that can be done with them (unless you really annoy the wrong people).
  2. You wish governmental agencies keep your information private. My local council sells our information.

    Otherwise, good post :p
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  3. That's ... uh... unsettling
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    I mean, great guide nfell, this always causes some confusion :)
  5. I was actually thinking of making a thread for this. This is probably more organized than what I would have done. Very nice :3
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  6. do u mind not advertasting ur srvr on emc plz

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  7. Yeah, I don't know what or how much they sell. But somehow those phone salespeople know your name even if you don't have it publicly available :p

    That IP is not working. Try changing it to and it might work better ;)
  8. Awesome, great guide. :)
  9. Great guide.:) I learned a few things while reading this.
  10. thx fur dis gide
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  11. Awesome guide indeed, accurate and straight to the point. And yeah; just because someone knows your IP address (like mine being doesn't mean that they can hack you. Good of you to clear that up :)

    Uhm, did I add a small troll up here? I guess I did, but where could it be :D
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