Infinite Firework Glitch, Utopia Only

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by YourSireTyler, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Video:

    In the video i use the meteor bow to create the firework glitch. It only works on utopia as far as i have seen. TPS has no noticeable differences either. Still a glitch / bug that i'd like to report to emc.
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  2. It's on the, need to fix list. Will try and do that this evening.
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  3. Something like this?

    It's not limited to Utopia :p
  4. The way i created the glitch, is only workable on utopia because i tried showing eviltoade :p
  5. i think this would be so cool i would love to c this as a feature
  6. When Tyler tested it on me, my FPS dropped to 5.
  7. Someone did this at FNM last night, it lagged me to death and many other people too.
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  8. Your neighbors might disagree ;)
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  9. Yes they would. It's cool until you crash.
  10. i my friend was able to do it i crashed so bad 4 15 mins then i stopped for some reason