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  1. New Book "Inf Villager 202"
    Hello Everyone! I think I've been over hearing that infinite paper villagers are not going to be in the next 1.8 update. Now don't panic because Ive also heard that the ones made before then will still be infinite. If you would like to make one or a lot before than and you don't want to spend a lot of money hiring someone to do it, then Ive made a book that can help you get success on making one!

    Now some of you might have heard or might of bought my first book on "Inf Villagers 101". This book has some of the things from the first one but also some more tips, tricks and some more information was added.

    Residence and Shop Number
    /v 625

    Why should I buy this book when I can hire someone
    Because you can learn how to make one for only 12k instead of buying one for 25-40k which is a lot cheaper! You also can make more than 1 once you learn the ways, your 12k investment could save you money so if you pay 12k for the book and make like 2, thats about 50-80k you saved! Thats good! But remember that you have to make them before 1.8.

    If you bought the first book ...
    Ask crabcakes200m or GMW_I and you can have the book for FREE! Make sure to PM me and ill set up an access chest but you need to have the book and we can exchange it.

    Last Words
    Remember my book helps only to increase your success and it takes work to make one but from the responses I got from my first book, it really can help you! No refunds if you buy the book and make sure you read all of it! And also if you think theirs you tube videos on it, they don't help at all I found, but if you think there is then you don't have to buy my book or post on the thread. (Search them up if you want).

    Thanks, Crabcakes200m and GMW_I
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  2. Can you answer me on smp1? :D
  3. theres this thing called "youtube". You should check it out
  4. lol. Have you tried youtube. If you have I would like to see it... because there is not one. You might think there is (i have tried) but there really is not...
    - Wolfegab
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  5. Lol Sky warp, I mentioned it in the bottom of my post if you read all of it, you should check it out and for most people you tube doesn't have any good videos on how to make them, it gets passed down from word of mouth.

    Also now like I said earlier the infinite villagers will either stay or might go, heres a link to it which confuses me a little but helps explain some things:


    But bottom line, make them now and get tons of stuff so you can get tons of money/ items before the update.
  6. yea on crabs defense - go to the second page of that forum btw :)
  7. "minecraft how to get infinite paper trade" if you type this magic into the thing we call "youtube" ALL the top links and several of the others will tell u exactly how to get this done
  8. Ok post a video then if ur so confident....

  9. Still works for 1.7.4, but it won't work in 1.8. I'm also pretty sure that infinite villagers WON'T be carried over into 1.8? I did a few tests also. (using snapshots)

    I see making infinite villagers as a scam to some people, taking 20-40k to make a villager that's VERY simple to construct.
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  10. xI_Like, your video does not teach you anything, if you ever made one, theres a lot more steps to it than this. My book actually tells you how to make one, with statistics and tips on what to do...
  11. It honestly tells you EVERYTHING you need to do. I made my first one according to this video. Making them is very simple.
  12. I feel bad for crab because I know that most people wont look at that video at first. But were are the tips or tricks pig? Why would someone want to waste all the materials because they don't know how to make one. It does not even show you how to make an infinite paper villager for cry out loud... how does it tell you "EVERYTHING", thats just plain lying.
  13. You shouldn't post that really pig. It is kind of mean to crab.
  14. agreed, and its not true nor helpful

    because it does not tell you how to make one... which is the point of his book
  15. Contacted you ingame.
  16. Thanks Demon and Wolfe, I really dont want to have a debate on this topic because I have midterms to study for but the video you posted is a joke, and the fact that you say that you could make one after watching the video is really sad to me. Theres a lot more steps to the process than just luck, and this video just further proves how there really isnt any good you tube videos on it. Now I dont want this to be a debate thread, Im just selling a product and people can buy as they wish, but for anyone seeing this thinking that the video says it all, I would not recommend trying to make one based off of that, because it wont teach you what you need to know.
  17. I could explain the process on how to make one in under 5 minutes. Pig's video is fine for making one - maybe not premium but you could do it. People who think it's hard to make these villagers just don't know how to budget there emeralds or just too lazy. There really is no concept behind them besides getting paper as the 8th trade.
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  18. I would advise you to clearly state you do not garantee infinite villagers will work in 1.8. Or you'll get a backlash on it when they don't :)
  19. Samsimx of all people says theres no concept behind them besides getting paper as the 8th trade? Really, Im surprised you would say that... there is tons of things behind getting paper as the last trade...
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