Industrial Decay

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  1. So I was digging through some old photos and I came across these. These were taken (I believe) in '07 with a junky digital camera. It was an old gypsum mill which was torn down while I was living out of state, which stinks because I'd love to go back with a better camera. Due to the inappropriate nature of most of the graffiti art, a good portion of the project can't be posted here, but I'd still like to share the ones I can.

    ^ (Even though the quality is bad, this is one of my all-time favorite pictures) ^

    I should probably add:

    Do not venture into abandoned buildings! It is incredibly *not smart* to do so.

    Structures can be unsafe and there is the real and serious danger of falling through a floor or having something fall on you from above.

    These places are also full of sharp, rusty, broken junk that you want nothing to do with....

    Ok, now I feel better :p
  2. I
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  3. I like your photo's and now I'm also wondering: do you have any plans to try and rebuild this structure within Minecraft? Or any others?
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  4. cool, you do urban wandering?
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  5. Thanks Shell, I hadn't thought about building this one ( I honestly haven't even thought about this building in years until I found my pics.) I do like the whole nature-reclaiming-ruins theme though, and may end up doing a res like that someday.

    I honestly had to google that, so I'm going to guess... no, maybe?
    Unless that means going where you're not supposed to be to take pictures of your beautiful(ly) decaying and crumbling city... In which case, yes, yes I do. :p
  6. I really love the fourth picture, I thought it was a puddle of water before I noticed that is was actually a hole (eek!) in the floor! I wish I had picked up photography earlier, as I've seen some beautiful decay in San Francisco (probably torn down by now). :(
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  7. Very nice! This is one of those places that I see and think "I could use that in a custom level in some game", it looks really good.
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  8. The graffiti on the last pic reminds me of Ratman :p
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  9. The second floor of the building (where all the plants are) was extremely sketchy to walk around. The floor was incredibly brittle and you could hear bits breaking and cracking when you walked on it (The memory of which made me add my second post.) I wanted that picture closer to the edge so you could see all the broken wiring and rebar coming out of the floor, but that was as close as I would go :p

    In many ways it was a real-life first-person-shooter map. In some of the photos, you may be able to tell, you can see that the place was used as an (unofficial) paintball arena. :D
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  10. If only you had a selfie stick; you'd be able to get pictures of those hard-to-reach places!
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  11. In Liverpool, you don't even need to go into abandoned buildings to have a danger of falling through a floor or have something fall of you from above. Just venture into the nearest inhabited council house... :rolleyes:

    As for the 'sharp, rusty, broken junk': just walk on the path and you'll soon find stuff like that :p


    Nice pictures. ^____________________________________^
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