Independence Day Helmet Bug?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BenMA, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. I Was Looking through my promos for sale, and someone noticed that my I-Day Helmet said "Independence Day Head" Not Helmet.

    There is proof I'm not lying. I have looked around and others say "Independence Day Helmet"

    Any Help Here?
  2. when did you get this?
  3. 6 Days Ago
  4. Hmm...who was the guy who gave you this?
  5. I bought it
  6. Who did you buy it from? :p
  7. I have a set like this, while my other set has the helmet. I always assumed that there was two versions
  8. I will ask Aikar
  9. Alright, so it appears that there were 2 versions released.

    This is my detailed description (hopefully it makes sense):
    If received with /promo, with the chests that said do not claim, then it says Helmet.
    This includes the:
    -Chest with multiple items in it
    -Helmet with DO NOT CLAIM

    If bought as an individual item in the Empire Shop chests that were available at the time, then it says Head.

    As a result, the 'Head' version is more rare because less were purchased from chests than were claimed with /promo.
    And Aikar is permanently removed from Promo-creation duty =P
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  11. GG Aikar, thank you Krysyy, what does this mean for its price?
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  12. I'll leave that up for the community to decide, though the 'Head' version is more rare by numbers.
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  13. Prices are always subject to the buyers.

    But I would say it would raise it.
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  14. How big of numbers???
  15. Like Krysyy and TheDarkModRises said, it all depends on the community's economy and how much one would value it. The version you have may be worth a lot more than the regular helmet; likely around 10k rupees or more in worth.
  16. I meant how many less of them are there. :)
  17. I don't have those numbers.
  18. Its ok, just curious, thanks for all the info. :)