Independence Day 2024!

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  1. Happy Independence Day everyone!

    This morning, I have released Independence Day promos available via /promo iday2024. There is a 2024 edition of the Independence Day Firework, but also a new item, Patriot Snaps. You will get 64 of them.

    These will be available to claim for about a month. You can also buy more at the Empire shop - at /shopworld. The firework costs 20,240 rupees each and the Patriot Snaps are available for 500 rupees for 16. A great deal.

    Also in the shopworld. You can pickup a firework voucher to make your own special firework.

    I did enable the Freedom Steak event as well.

    Enjoy the holiday everyone! And enjoy the new promo.

    Some info about the patriot snaps. Is that they are a reference to the classic children 'toy' snappers/poppers/etc -

    They do not currently work out of dispensers, and would just be wasted if you try. The promo comes with 64 of them (4 stacks). So I encourage you to enjoy a few of them before you stow them away in your loot chests to be forgotten about.
  2. Woo! Bang Snaps! here for history I tell you
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  3. They won't be forgotten, just saved to sell/auction later ;):p
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  4. Lol, fantastic! I recall buying lots of these when I was a kid to take back to Canada, lots of fun year around to scare friends!!

    Thanks chicken!
  5. Thank you Chickeneer!! Have a great July 4th!
  6. One year my dad bought a whole case of those on the 5th to save for next year. As in a whole cardboard box marked with 3 different languages, with like 12 boxes of packs of snappers. I'm pretty sure we never used them all up 😂
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  7. Uh. Still buying "pop its'' as they are one of the allowed/legal fireworks in the fire prone desert.
    The family is old enough to throw them at each other's feet while wearing sandals, as to cause the most pain. Also old enough to hide them in the house to ambush family members later. ie, taped to a door jam, tossed into the hall walkway, stuck under car tires, into the groves of the welcome mat. You get the idea. We use them all up in a week.
  8. Do hoglins drop the Grill With Friends item too or just pigs?
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  9. Just da piggies.
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  10. will the new firework voucher be all year round? it is in the theme of iday but its location is with the other year round stuff and i wanna make sure :p
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  11. The firework voucher is available all year. Yes.
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