Increase Sheep (And Possibly Other Mob) Drop Rates

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  1. With the new mob limits, there has been a noticable increase in wool prices throughout the servers. Most wool shops are now selling out, and the price at malls seems to be approaching double (and still selling out). Wool is an important part of many building projects, and there is no replacement in many cases. Many of the largest and most creative creations on the servers were made possible through readily available wool. If sheep were made to drop more wool, this would offset the effects of the limit, and allow for more diverse creations to be built.
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  2. I see the point being made and like it. But it would be hard to do this I think.
  3. Well I welcome you to start playing with varibles and cooding!
  4. Hardly. EMC runs a modified Minecraft server already, it wouldn't be much trouble to just up the number of wool dropped. I can't imagine it would be more than editing a single number (or possibly two) in a few lines of code.
  5. I imagine it might be considered but I just don't see it. Feels way too un-vanilla to me, but so are many things on the servers.
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  6. The un-vanilla is the mob limit. Minecraft does not have any such limit naturally.

    My suggestion is a small modification to offset this. For example, if sheep dropped one extra wool each time they were sheered and cows drop one extra leather that would be sufficient to compensate.

    Is there anyone who feels that increasing so one extra wool and one extra leather were dropped would negatively affect their gameplay experience?
  7. I know, I know.
    But that HAS to be there. :)
  8. You bring forward many good points and it probably wouldn't be that hard to implement however as AC said it probably won't ever happen as it is to un-vanilla. I can see the need for this but I honestly don't think it needs to be made. Perhaps assigning a fixed amount of wool that is dropped by each sheep when shaun would help steady the market for wool, not higher than the max amount of drops now but maybe the highest natural drop of wool.
  9. It sounds to me (and correct me if I'm wrong) that people are generally in agreement with this idea, only doubting whether it would be implemented.
  10. Why don't we just double the amount of wool dropped?
    2 when killed, 2-6 when sheared.
    Problem solved.
  11. I think this is the idea
  12. I am fine with anything that increases the amount of wool and leather. I don't think specifics are that important. I said 2-4, you are suggesting 2-6, so maybe 2-5...
  13. I'm kinda neutral on this issue. wool has always been dirt cheap almost, and this will make it more valuable.
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  14. Hm. I think this should be fineā€¦
  15. It would be good but why not have a sheep farm in the wild. They can have double the amount in town.
  16. I think the high price of wool and empty shops is only for small part because of the mob limit - probably only insignificant part.
    When the mob limit was introduced, the regeneration rate was increased, so that fewer sheep can produce more wool. Also, instead of having one residence with massive sheep farm, you can have more residences with up to 100 sheep each. There are also several other ways to have many more sheep.
    So, the mob limit is not really the problem.

    One thing is that shearing sheep is a bit a tedious and dull job, so one needs a good reason to do it.

    The other thing is that with the low wool price, there are many other ways to make rupees much more easily. So relative wool price is what shall be considered. For example, how did the wool price change relative to diamond price.

    Then, there is overall increase in prices, in the end because the demand is higher than supply. We could, and it would be very interesting, analyze the EMC market and see what happens - in another thread. If someone is interested in doing a small analysis together - let me know.

    Many sell wool in small quantities and can increase the price only in whole rupees, so if selling 4 pieces at once (most small shops) then the price has to be increased - for example - from 5 to 6 rupees, or 20%, instead perhaps to 5.5r...
    The bigger shops do sell in larger quantities, but most have very high margin, so people who do shear sheep are not motivated to sell to them. The big shop owners also mostly ban reselling - even the non-hostile reselling, so if they don't have double standards they won't buy from small shops either.

    <off topic>By the way, one should distinguish between normal reselling for profit, which is a good, a very positive thing to do, important for the market, and hostile buying out - even with a loss, just to keep a competitor shop out of stock. Besides that I welcome all buyers / resellers in my shop, I have a project to make another shop which will encourage reselling - coming soon.</off topic>

    Next thing, it seems that with the beginning of the school year, the available time for players to shear sheep has been significantly reduced. :) This is for sure very important factor.

    Last but not least, I hope that majority here still wants to play survival mode. Vanilla more or less, this game is interesting because it is not easy, because there are problems to solve. So, is there a sheep-and-wool problem? Then solve it! Solve it, not by asking to modify the game, but in-game. This is what makes this game interesting.

    If you just want to build, there is creative mode. If you make this game easier, you make it boring. I would not like that to happen.
  17. Mob limits? No. Trading? Yes. Theres your problem. While trading wheat and sugar cane are better, wool is still a good choice. I traded about 25 stacks, since it was so cheap.
  18. i think a sheep should drop 200 wool, but thats just me.
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