Incorrect Voting Rewards

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Kimajime, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. I came across a weird miscalculation of my voting rewards, as the wiki said:
    however, after voting on TopG which brought my vote bonus from 160 to 161, I only got the rupee reward from voting on the site itself, and not the accompanying bonus from my streak. Is this an intended change that I have not read?
  2. You got the correct bonus when you increased your streak to 161 16 or so hours ago. Your votes (at the time you made the post) were still for the 161 day vote streak. Check your rupee history to see this.
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  3. I see, I was in the assumption that vote streaks get granted every 12 hours or so, I guess this is not the case, thanks!
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  4. Just a follow-up (sorry for this, really), I just voted on my other sites and gave out 100 instead of 150, just wanted to report that. Sorry (again)!
  5. Everything seems correct, but there will always be some problems with EMC at any given time. I would say that the database thinks you missed a day in the vote streak, and restarted the counter. You should start to see your bonus start to raise again.
  6. Yeah sometimes this happens to me too