Incase no one knows. Bob Ross live on twitch

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  1. Go check out Bob Ross live on Twitch at:

    Doing a 9 day marathon. So enjoy those happy little trees, clouds, accidents people.
  2. This is so great.
  3. This poor guy. I swear every time he says a single word the Twitch chat mocks him ~500 times lol
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  4. That's too bad that they are mocking him . . . He seemed like a really kind person who added beauty to the world. Probably made more a difference to the world than all of the accomplishments of the twitch haters put together.
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  5. i think theres a way to hide the chat,makes the stream bigger & alot calmer
  6. You never know, every time he puts his paintbrush on a blank canvas they say #RUINED about 50 times per second for two minutes. These people are intelligent.
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  7. He's still at it! Bump. :p
  8. Love the stream, watched a little bit of it here and there. It's safe to say the speed of the chat is quite a drastic difference than the speed of the video...

    -"Let's put a tree in here''-

    *chat explosion*
    Tree hype!!!one!!
  9. Oh lol.
    First I was wth, 80th flashback
    Then this chat is rude, poor guy
    "Happy little shingles", wut?
    Nope, this cabin doesn't look good, and the chat "RUINED"
    But then the safe, "SAFE"
    During the cabin the tree hype started., "Type one if you want to see trees"
    "1", "1", "11111"
    And really, the tree saved the cabin, oh omfg
  10. You seem new to twitch, popular streams are horrible like this...
  11. Yes, new to Twitch and new to Bob Ross. Hilarious!
  12. He's currently making a really nice painting but its close to the end of the episode so hurry up to check it out before he starts a new painting.
  13. Bump. He's making some cool mountains with some happy trees. :p