Inappropriate related player names

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  1. I don't like all the drug related player names please don't allow any more drug related names please i'm against drugs. Please ban them there are two on smp6.
  2. Random... But true, I have seen some VERY ignorant MC account names, most were already banned when they joined because of the name, but its not like you see it EVERY day... I rarely even see in appropriate names anymore.
  3. Start a conversation with a moderator with more details. They will handle it from there.
  4. I also dislike seeing inappropriate player names - but the issue I can see that username rules are server specific, and it might be just a bit unfair to ban a player when they're not necessarily doing anything wrong, for having a rude name.

    I'm not sure what the moderation system is for these types names, so best ask a staff member. :)

    EDIT: Just found this thread, you should check it out.
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  5. I think they should get sumthing to censor the names that are inappeopiate.
  6. It's an option, but probably wouldn't be the most beneficial system :)
  7. I am apparently missing something cause I just went to SMP6 res list and tried looking for drug related names and didn't see any. :confused: They must be visiting from other SMP's. I have only seen one name that was pretty bad on EMC that dealt with drugs. As far as the names go, I sat thinking to myself the names people have used for drugs and there are some that really could be confused with them though are actual words for other things.

    Mary Jane- Can be a girl's name, it's also a type of shoe. Spiderman's lady.
    Dope- Can be used to describe an idiot "Man that guy is a dope" or to say something is awesome "Man those shoes are dope!"
    Dank- unpleasantly moist or humid; damp and, often, chilly: a dank cellar.

    I just woke up and can't think of anymore.
  8. we shouldn't ban them, we should offer a /nick <somethingreasonable>. jus sommin 2 think bout'
  9. That's interesting (probably the best work-around IMO) - but if they do have the nerve to make their username inappropriate, chances are they're going to be trouble in game :p - I don't think that should really be taken into account though...
  10. Agreed. anyone else think it's a good idea?
  11. I do :) awesome idea Xd,