In Town Ravine

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  1. I am almost finished with this In town Ravine

    Located On Smp8 at /v TheEnigmaticSef OR /v 17856

    But my question is: what could I do to make it look nicer? Anyone can reply and if I decide to use your suggestion I will reward you with a super special item. All suggestions welcome.
    Things already planned: cobwebs, lava, a cave

    UPDATE: in the mineshaft I am going to be placing flags down branches that aren't finished. My plan is to make them go away a little at a time and use them to mark unfinished branches so no branch remains plain

    I created an imgur account just for this thread.
  2. I love how it looks! If you want it to suit minecraft more then I'd redommend not making the pond pour into the ravine and just add water/lavafalls into the wall like they spawn naturally. Otherwise, if your going with your own original version of a ravine you can make the waterfall look more natural than just falling straight down the middle, which never happens with ravines :p

    Edit: Cobwebs? Cool! What's cooler and includes those? A mineshaft ;)
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  3. There is a mineshaft.
    Probably what is there will stay forever.
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  4. Whoops I didn't notice it in the pictures! I'll have to see what it looks like next time I go online :)
  5. To add onto Foxy's suggestion there with the waterfall. You could have a river at the bottom of said ravine. Making it look as those the waterfall over time created its own river at the bottom. And maybe have some plants grow along said river as well. To show that eventually the river forming allowed plants to grow and thrive at the bottom of the ravine. I would have also said add fish to the river if you went with the idea as well. But emc hasn't updated yet so no fishy's for us yet. :p
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  6. That would look awesome! :eek:
  7. you guys should also do Ravines. Dueling Banjos
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  8. I used Schematica to copy parts of a Mineshaft to my Residence. You could do the same with a ravine and other features like a mineshaft.
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  9. There is a mineshaft in the ravine. I guess what I am asking people to do is go there.
  10. *sees title of thread*
    *worries that something horrible happened*
    *relieved to see that it is a recreation of a ravine*
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  11. I thought the same thing ;)
  12. Like I mangled something precious like a monster would do?
    I saved that for my fourth residence where I blew up a huge hole
  13. Looks pretty cool. I'd suggest maybe transforming the ravine into some sort of ground fissure? There's many examples in modern movies where the ground breaks apart, causing trees and huge boulders to fall down. It's also a convenient plot device to separate two major characters.... ;)


    I noticed a structure in the middle, maybe add some sort of moat with waterfalls and flowing lava (to match the mining theme). Great work!
  14. That looks nice! Maybe add some greenery around the edges, including a few trees, with some roots popping out in the first layers of dirt ravine-side? and maybe a fallen tree across? and a sprinkle of vines?
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  15. Looking lovely as usual!

    "make it look nicer" - Not sure this counts as "nice", but def fun ;)
    Add little surprise heads with lights behind them in the walls. Pretty sure Corrupted has every color/type of head on EMC. Personally, I'd go with monster heads and give them each little names and 1-3 line stories about their defeat in the ravine LOL. Just something fun to discover in the ravine while exploring it :)
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  16. maybe
    I have quite a few heads myself, though.
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  17. You are right! I should make a cave and put skeleton skulls on every available surface!
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  18. I checked it out in person, it looks great!
  19. "I decorate my home with the bones of my slain enemies. Also any other bones I happen to find... I like bones."
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