in the jungle you must wait, until the dice bring 1.8

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  1. day 317, still have yet to sign off the 1.8 cometh.

  2. I feel ya. Been refreshing like clockwork.
  3. ..and it's raining. Just no luck..
  4. it is a rainforest afterall
  5. day 693, ive made a terrible mistake. morale is low. never knew jumanji could get boring

  6. This is off topic but I so wish my machine could run that TP... (I tried downloading it and installing it, needless to say my computer crashed lol)
  7. What resource pack is that? Looks interesting.
  8. nande...
    why are you waiting in the jungle?
  9. My laptop would turn into jello if I tried installing that. What resolution is it?
  10. What version you running it in and do I need any mods to use it? Doesn't wanna take but I know my PC can handle it.
  11. if you copy and paste the zip file in your resource pack folder it should work
  12. Odd doesn't seem to take. Tried it on 1.8 and 1.7.
  13. D: have you restarted your client? we dont have many resource pack bugs in jumanji

  14. I will try that
  15. Nice.....
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  16. there was a few things i couldnt find any good textures for that fit the theme, so if you spot something out of place and find a better hd texture for the thing let me know
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  17. Some kind of iron thingamajig.... by the looks of it :)

    Definitely wish I could run some higher end textures while waiting for 1.8
  18. The title of this thread is pretty much the best thing ever.:D