In Soviet Russia... Joke thread!

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  1. Hey EMC-ians,

    Here's a thread to post all your very bad ''In Soviet Russia...'' jokes.

    For instance:

    In soviet Russia, sidewalk walk on you!
    In soviet Russia, Vodka drinks you!
    In soviet Russia, Car drives you

    and so on and so on!

    (Let's see if this thread will actually become popular :p)
  2. In soviet Russia, Couch sits on you!
    In soviet Russia, Kitteh lols at you!

    i have many many many more of these..
  3. In soviet Russia, Ponies watch you!

  4. In Soviet Russia, gun shoot you.
  5. In Soviet Russia, TNT blows up IcecreamCow
  6. In soviet Russia, the fool pity's Mr. T
  7. In Soviet Russia, the most interesting beer drinks the spokesperson.
  8. In Soviet Russia, dog walks you.

    In Soviet Russia, bike rides you.

    I can't think of anymore that people won't make into inappropriate jokes xD
  9. In Soviet Ruissa, Joke makes you! bwahaha
  10. In Soviet Russia, thread makes you!
  11. In Soviet Russia I eat Cordial Pie's head
  12. In soviet Russia Chas survives.
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  13. Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    In Soviet Russia poem writes you.
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  14. In soviet Russia Battlefield 3 hacks you!
  15. In soviet Russia flower picks you!
    In soviet Russia story writes you!
    In soviet Russia clay molds you!
    In soviet Russia air breathes you!
  16. In soviet russia pikachu catches you.
    In capitalist America Bank Robs You :D
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  17. Ij soviet russia, too mainstream becomes you!
  18. In Soviet Russia ball throw you.
    In Soviet Russia cake eat you.

    Soviet Russia jokes are weird! :p Weird pic coming up:

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  19. In soviet russia, justin Bieber hates you.
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