[ In Progress ] The New SMP1 Puzzle Residence

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  1. After a small break from minecraft I have recently begun to continue working on a project that I started a while ago which you can find here.

    That forum got pretty old so I decided I'd create a new one. The idea of this is to make challenging puzzles for people to solve and enjoy (and possibly rage, I'm sorry)! On the day of the grand opening I will be having a big contest with a big prize to the first person who can complete the puzzle. I may have second and third place prizes, but that's not the point. I'll be continuing this build with all new inspiration and I'm hoping to get some ideas from the community so please post below if you have any suggestions. So far I've made mazes, parkour, and some trivia. I also have some redstone puzzles that require lots of thinking and observation.
    I currently have 14 puzzles up and running and a 15th one that I haven't connected with the others yet. I'm working on the 16th at the moment and I'm hoping to have around 25-30+ puzzles altogether. I guess well find out when I feel like I have enough (or run out of space, whichever comes first :p). Anyways, if anyone would like to donate, I do need white wool and some light blue wool to finish the outer walls of the puzzle, I don't want a bunch of ugly buildings floating around in the sky to be visible to everyone. I want it to look nice and pretty. So any donations would be greatly appreciated.

    One last thing as well regarding contests and whatnot. I will allow people to come to my plot and try out the puzzles or even "practice" I suppose, but I will leave some of the puzzle unavailable so you don't know every puzzle I have. It's located on SMP1 on the residence 1347. Also, after my big contest that I will have once it's finished, the puzzle will stay open to everyone. The people that beat the puzzle will receive random prizes from diamond blocks to maybe a promo if you're lucky, but this is after everything is done and polished up. Until then please post any ideas you have and have a nice day. I can't wait to finish this puzzle! :D
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  2. Awesome, can't wait for it to be open! Good luck to everyone!
  3. If anyone tries it out it would be awesome if you told me what you thought of it.
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  4. It is painfully difficult, yet fun :D
  5. I have just recently finished another big redstone puzzle in my creative server and will transfer it over when I finish my recent puzzle.
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  6. Sounds very nice! I think I might not go there until you think it's about complete, though.
  7. That's perfectly fine. All the more surprised you'll be when it is finished. :)
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  8. Does anyone have any ideas for additions to this puzzle? It would be awesome if you did. :D
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  9. Try making an escape room.
  10. That's what I just created on my creative world, unless you want 3 of them. :)
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  11. I want three of them.
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  13. My newest puzzle that I've been working on has finally been completed. It took about a week or so to make it so I hope you enjoy! :D (If you can make it that far) :p
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  14. Also I'll be gone for a week, so there will be no updates on the puzzle.
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  15. Alright, I have returned and progress will now continue to continue. Yeah, well I'm working on my next big redstone puzzle. This one has a combination lock! :D
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